Q. Is your Microsoft TRAINING LEGITIMATE or NOT?

A. Let’s face it, you can get Microsoft Training from many companies…..but how do you know for SURE you are getting AUTHORIZED Microsoft Training ?


When you want to obtain Training in Microsoft Technologies, you want REAL TRAINING.

This means you want AUTHORIZED AND CERTIFIED TRAINERS and GENUINE and LEGAL Microsoft training materials.

Having GENUINE MICROSOFT trainers delivering the training lets you know that the person at the front of the class really knows what they're talking about and is using GENUINE and LEGAL Microsoft materials guarantees that all your training is up to date and from the EXCLUSIVE Microsoft Learning Channel.

a). Can anybody teach Microsoft Technologies?

Technically anyone can teach Microsoft technologies but NOT everybody can claim that their training is by Microsoft . Microsoft appoints authorized training centers to organizations that pass their internal quality standards and in the Caribbean - Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) have been an Official Training Partner with Microsoft for years!

b). How do I find an AUTHORIZED Microsoft Training center?

Microsoft training centers are called Certified Partners for Learning Solutions or CPLS.

You can find a list of authorized CPLSs on Microsoft's Web site. You can also call your local Microsoft Office and ask for Official Learning Microsoft Partners.

Also, if you walk into a training center, there should be certificates that Microsoft issues to legitimate CPLS partners hanging on the wall for your reference.VERY specialized Learning Partner logos are appointed to legitimate Microsoft Learning Partners.

Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) is proud to be a Microsoft Learning partner and proudly displays these credentials for all our customers to see.

c). If someone is offering training outside a CPLS venue does that mean its Official?

For training to be Official it has to be either held in the listed CPLS venue, managed directly by the CPLS at another venue, OR it must be held at the venue of a Partner AND supervised by a CPLS.

The CPLS will make sure that the computers, software, course materials, and trainers are of the highest quality. If an Organization is publicly offering you training, ask them what CPLS is doing the supervision.

After that look at the list of authorized CPLS for your area, call them, and verify that they are really supervising the training you’re getting. If no CPLS will verify that they are supervising the training then there’s a good chance it’s not authorized Microsoft training.

d). What training materials and documents do I get if I’m enrolled in an authorized training center?

When you start your training the first thing you get is a your GENUINE Microsoft Official Curriculum or MOC. When you end your training a CPLS will give you an OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - MICROSOFT GENUINE.

e). How do I know if a trainer is certified by Microsoft to teach me or in my company?

Certified Microsoft trainers are called MCTs or Microsoft Certified Trainers.A MCT must pass globally accepted examinations as proof of his expertise AND he must also go through teaching methodology training.

Each Legitimate Microsoft trainer has a globally recognized identification number. This number is indicated on an ID card. If you have doubts about a trainer and his credentials, call us and well help you verify if he/she is a genuine MCT.

f). Can a genuine Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) conduct training anywhere?

NO. An MCT can only hold trainings in CPLS training centers, off-site training locations supervised by a CPLS, and at the locations of Companies that are supervised by a CPLS.

On their own, an MCT does not have access to genuine materials (called MOCs) and other genuine software based exercises that are necessary to give complete training. If someone claiming to be an MCT offers you or your company training without the supervision of a CPLS, please report this to us and we will help facilitate your complaint with Microsoft Learning.

The value of training is NOT just in learning something new, but also among other things, training is important to your employer, and to you, as a means to move up in the corporate world. For Microsoft Learning - The ONLY way is the Authorized and Official Way that Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) and CPLS’s deliver, we don't stop there though....

We differentiate ourselves from other CPLS's worldwide with our Unique CTTL Experience. Contact us today to learn more.... Remember, using UN-OFFICIAL MICROSOFT TRAINING puts your credibility as an IT professional and your future Microsoft IT career goals at risk.

Q. Why should I choose Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) over other training providers?

Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) proves a unique offering in the industry combining award winning quality, convenience and cost.

Q. If I need extra lab time for the Training I’m enrolled in, is that possible?

You can avail extra lab time please ask us for more information.

Q. What is the schedule of training?

Class times are usually from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for professional level Classes Delivered on Monday through Saturday.

Q. How can I register for a course?

First Contact us at +1-868-678-2885 (CTTL) or info@cttl.net to confirm seat availability.

Q. What is included in your BootCamp Packages?

The following services are included in the package:
  1. Hands-on class room training.
  2. Courseware.
  3. LMS Access with three months post support.
  4. Free Wifi Internet in the training centre.
  5. Hospitality Desk support – (International Customers).
  6. Exam Fee (Optional – If Requested).
  7. In house testing Venue.
  8. Fully Catered Meals.

Q. Are you able to arrange training at short notice?

Yes, Selected Training is available to deploy on very short notice. Although it is recommended to reserve in advance.
Contact us to confirm availability, we will be happy to help.

Q. Is Personal Coaching you offer the same as mentoring?

No it is quite different. Our Personal Coaching is actually LIVE instructor led Training where the Trainer is present throughout the learning session (unlike mentoring). It is also delivered LIVE in a classroom setting, while mentoring primarily provides support for self-learning, Personal Coaching is an Exclusive LIVE Training session between a master Trainer and you.

Q. Why should I spend money on professional training when I can obtain certification using self learning and exam study tools?

For the vast majority of IT Professionals, they require immediate tactical knowledge to be impactful at the office for their career. Self study takes too long for many professionals and it lacks the depth delivered by a CTTL Training session. Video Training / CBT’s delivers only single mode learning transmission which compliments with secondary learning rather than provide primary learning.

Single mode learning transmission (CBT / E-Learning etc), exposes significant challenges in terms of LIVE skill building human interactions, Learner remediation, content quality, interconnect lab exercises, trainee feedback, additional challenge labs and LIVE review, Trainer and peer shared industry experiences, and many many more. While the upfront cost of a CBT / e-Learning / Self pace instruction etc may be lower, the long term effects can be dramatic. SKILL TRUMPS CERTIFICATION every time…

Finally earning a certification without the requisite skills is useless in the Long term. While the short term utopia may seem initially gratifying, the time will arrive when you will need to use your skills in your career. "NOTHING" beats the confidence of having done it before and mastering it in a LIVE LAB (for example in a CTTL Class) and knowing what to do and when to do it…

Q. Is cost the only reason why I should consider Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL)?

Cost is usually a primary factor in Training decisions, however other factors are important to weigh in as well. Quality of Training, Trainer Experience, Small Class size, Customer Satisfaction, Flexibility among others. While our prices are exceptional and backed by a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE….Price should NOT be the only element to consider in your Training search. After all, would you go to a Doctor or a Mechanic just because they offer a lower price ? The same logic would be applicable here. Training is a Service not an off the shelf commodity therefore look for both qualitative and quantitative factors before investing your time and money.

Q. What is the mode of payment?

We accept authorized cheque and electronic payments, please contact us for more information.

Q. Do you accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers?

Yes, we accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers.

Q. Are there any additional charges during Christmas and New Year and Carnival?

Yes, the accommodation is more expensive these times If you choose to fly to our session from abroad please plan ahead early.

Q. Is a Visa required for Trinidad and Tobago?

For some cases YES. Please contact your nearest Trinidad and Tobago Embassy or Consulate for more information.

Q. Is Halal food available at your Training?

Halal food is available for all catered events that we offer. (Please indicate upon sign up)

Q. Is Vegetarian offerings available at your Training?

Vegetarian options are available for all catered events that we offer. (Please indicate upon sign up)

Q. I have little experience. Will certification help?

Training, certification and experience are the only sure ways to advance your career.
People who have invested in education have invariably advanced in their careers. This is especially true for IT.

Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) is famous for delivering in-depth training. The knowledge acquired at Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) will definitely give you an excellent return on investment in the medium and long term. We provide training on real ICT Infrastructure and focuses on deep platform knowledge.

The reality of certification to Job alignment is clear, however just getting certified doesn’t automatically land you a new Job. You need to differentiate yourself and your skills to stand out from the crowd. Our Unique Training gives you that confidence that you know more but more importantly you can show potential employers more….

Q. What is your pass percentage?

As per current records, 90%-95% of our students pass their exams within the first three months after class.
For some classes we’ve had 100% passes.

Q. I want a unique combination of Training, which is not listed on your website. Can you help?

We have over 300 Courses available, please contact us +868-678-2885 (CTTL) or info@cttl.net

Q. Tell me about the infrastructure available in the training rooms?

All training rooms are equipped with MultiCore Server Architecture, RAID Array machines with 8-16 GB RAM and LCD Flat Screen Monitors.

There is a full Gigabyte network throughout and WiFi internet access.

We use real equipment for Cisco programmes (Routers, Switches and Firewalls) and IP phones / PBX etc for our voice programmes.

Q. We want to train a small group and would like them in a class to themselves. Is it possible?

Yes it is, Exclusive, Executive Training is available, please contact us at +1-868-678-2885 (CTTL) or info@cttl.net for more information.

Q. Do you offer remote LIVE training?

Absolutely, we’ve pioneered this in our region with our CTTL LIVE Training option 100% LIVE - NO TRAVEL - REDUCED COSTS !!!

While our pioneering Virtual LIVE Instructor led Class (CTTL - LIVE) is revolutionary in reaching nearly any customer worldwide,
CTTL LIVE is NOT for everyone.

If you answer yes to all the questions below : Virtual Instructor Led Training may be right for you.

- Do you have a reliable Internet Connection?

- Do you have an environment 100% Free from Distractions ?

- Can you follow instructions with minimal supervision ?

- Are you comfortable using conferencing technologies ?

- Have you ever done any type of online training before ?

- Are you comfortable working through digital mediums to communicate ?

If you answer yes to all the questions above : When you contact us; let us know CTTL LIVE is an option for you.