CEO Message 2016


We’ve had a remarkable year in 2015 and as we continue to develop a regional brand of quality, our services team internally, has grown to over 150%.
Our expansion into the Caribbean with multi-country services continue at a phenomenal pace, with governmental and enterprise customers; and with joint activity from CTTL and Microsoft delivering superior returns to our invested customers.

We are proud to have (in addition to T&T), CTTL local presence in Suriname, Guyana and Jamaica, and service the rest of the Caribbean through our regional network.

15th anniversary Celebrating our *15th* Anniversary!! 15th anniversary

2015 was the second year of our Business Transformation, to a 3rd Platform (CAMS) organization.
With the launch of our SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Application Development Services, in addition to our Enterprise Services, Managed Services and award Winning Training Services, all CLOUD Bound. All our core LOB (line of business) services are now on the cloud with anywhere access
24 x 7.

We were honored and humbled by Microsoft (in 2015) in awarding us the Microsoft Country (Trinidad and Tobago) Partner of the year. It is a milestone of significant pride for us and a testament to our dedication to the Microsoft brand. As we look ahead; 2016 will be a year of disruption. Technology will NOT wait for the unready.

Customers are going have to have to manage disruptive technology to develop new competitive advantages. There will be no more time to stand on the fence and remain indecisive. With the economy demanding innovation, IT is called to deliver far more than ever before. CTTL will support our customers in managing this transition and CRITICAL transformation – This is NOT as easy road, but it has to happen for our organizations to survive.

Mobility is going to grow, Internet access will continue to play an ubiquitous part in our day to day life
with applications being developed in the cloud, to connect to services that will allow a new level of innovation. As the age of Machines develop, automation will continue to accelerate, with new levels of insight and problem solving to support new business decisions, previously unseen by today’s CEO’s.

As the IoT (Internet of Things) develop, we will continue to develop new ways to monitor virtually anything.
The Cloud will impact IT the most……with the ability to deliver application and services virtually anywhere. Disruption is reshaping our world of business QUICKLY. C-level Executives are going to have to look at this in entirely new ways this year – and CTTL is committed to provide the services and support needed for our customers to THRIVE in this new world of DISRUPTION.


In 2016 we to continue to enrich the lives of all our customers with our award winning CTTL Services .

In 2016 we embrace DISRUPTIVE technology

In 2016 we INNOVATE / CREATE and WIN Together.

We look forward in helping all our customers be more productive in 2016.


D. M. Ramdathsingh
MSc, PgD Strategic Business and Information Technology – UK
Chief Executive Officer – (West Indies, LNM)- Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd
(West Indies and Latam New Markets – LNM)