CEO’s Message – 2017

 TRANSFORMATION, was one of our highlights in 2016. We remained focused on delivering a vastly higher level of quality service and that decision ensured our customers derived superior business outcomes. Our service to our Customers remains unmatched. With a regional presence servicing the Caribbean , and with joint activity with our Preferred IT Vendors, CTTL ensured that our customers continue to extract significant value from their Investments.

In 2016, our Customers responded to the new reality that the Fourth Industrial Revolution Brings (Fusion). With the deepening of our Business Process Optimization, Business Insights and Data Platform services, in addition to our new Cyber Threat, Advanced Business Continuity, Modern Availability and Advanced Data Center Services coupled with our Automated Managed Services and Award Winning Training Services we continue to deliver outstanding experiences to our customers and we THANK all our customers in 2016 who began the Journey with us to DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

As we move into 2017, the IT Industry and very much the world is on the brink of a Technology Revolution that has never been experienced before, fundamentally at its core it has the ability to change everything we do; how we Learn, Work and Interact with each other.It’s sheer scope is unimaginable , we must respond in an inclusive and integrated manner at every level.

The possibilities are endless, we already have Artificial Intelligence evolving, drones, self-driving vehicles, and Automation Software doing Predictive Investments and more. We are blurring the lines between physical, virtual and Biological in a number of fields already. While no one knows what the outcome will be, from the approach, Job displacement seems to be a reality.Talent and knowledge will separate “low-skill/low-pay” and “high-skill/high-pay” jobs.

One commonality in 2016 was that in discussions with many CEO’s and CIO’s they expressed challenges in keeping up with the pace of innovation and disruption in their industries and retaining talent who were current. They all did agree on one thing – That Enhanced Technology and Knowledge remains a cornerstone to their Business Strategy and IT has a KEY role in this new Business Shift.

The shift from *simple* digitization to Innovation based on a Blending of Appropriate technologies for predictable Business outcomes are forcing Business Leaders to re-examine their core Business model(s). The Sum total remains the same – Executives and Senior Leaders need to understand the Business Shift, adapt their organizations (Talent, Culture etc) to new Business Models. Companies will have to challenge all of their existing practices and continually innovate to remain relevant in the future.

CTTL in 2017 will continue to pioneer thought leadership and Professional Services in this area by delivering more options to prepare customers for this new Digital Reality. We are supporting all our Professional Services with our NEW ON DEMAND and CTTL Flex Services DTL 24×7, part of the CTTL DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SERIES.

We all have a role to play in this fourth Industrial Revolution, the only question is will you be a participant or will you stand on the side-lines ?

How equipped are you ?? CTTL is here to help – Contact us today to get more information.
D.M.Ramdathsingh – MSc, PgD – Strategic Business and Information Technology – UK
Chief Executive Officer – (West Indies, LNM)- Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd
(West Indies and Latam New Markets – LNM)

CTTL Expands Services to Jamaica

Our mission is to be the Caribbean IT Services Company of choice by delivering the best customer experience to the regions we serve”

Caribbean Tech TrendZ Limited (CTTL), a Global Award Winning, Microsoft Gold Business Partner in the Caribbean, has expanded its services to Jamaica. With our “End to End” Digital Transformation Model, we are able to deliver superior Business Outcomes to customers with Increased Profit while decreasing costs.

Our service to our customers remains unmatched. With a regional presence servicing the Caribbean, and with joint activity with our Preferred IT Vendors, CTTL ensures that our customers continue to extract significant value from their Investments”  –                                                            CEO (CTTL) D.M.Ramdathsingh – MSc, PgD – Strategic Business and Information Technology – UK

While many businesses have been leveraging digital technology for years; being a digital business isn’t just about using technology, it’s a mindset—an approach—to solving business problems. Your digital strategy is your business strategy.

Customers have changed. Expectations of personalized content and immediate delivery is THE NEW NORMAL, and, they have options—lots of options. Digital technology is levelling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to disrupt their industries. The rise of digital technologies is completely changing the way businesses compete and the disruption is dramatic. Legacy companies that once dominated the market are now competing against agile start-ups. Today’s leaders know that to thrive, they must TRANSFORM their business. But the question is how?

Led in country by Andre Watkis (Corporate Account Manager – Jamaica), his numerous collaborations working with interdisciplinary teams and professionals, serves an important role in providing top tier local expertise in country service to our Customers. Mr. Watkis and Mr. Whiskey (Vice President) will provide a range of Business Transformation Services from CTTL’s Customer Success Team to support our Jamaica Digital Transformation Mission.

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