Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) helps organizations take control of IT costs, enhance system security, improve their ability to support their business and overall business strategy, and support, IT- driven improvements that deliver additional value and high performance. With industry-leading tools and methodologies, CTTL helps clients identify, design, deploy and improve IT-based services that help organizations achieve their desired business outcomes.

The shift from IT Cost Center to IT value added service is, in many ways due to the evolution of Traditional IT. SaaS, SOA, Mobility and other industry changes have delivered significant improvements in IT flexibility, the stage has been set for more responsive and cost-effective IT capabilities.

Today’s IT Manager is under intense pressure to operate the infrastructure as efficiently and effectively as possible, by providing leading technology while at the same time to control costs. Working with clients in varied business verticals, we apply a wide range of network technologies that are unique to each organization.

CTTL is a full service consultancy that adds value to businesses of all sizes. Our team is able to work with your in-house IT Team or, if in-house IT services are not available, we can lead and manage project implementation on your behalf. Our senior consultants seek to make a meaningful and measurable improvement to your business by consistently driving successful projects from the genesis phase all the way through to completion and post support.

We are experts in :

We offer a full range of competencies on all Microsoft products. This includes everything from Microsoft Small Business Server though to enterprise level architecture and design for Exchange Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Security, SharePoint, SQL Server and many others.

Virtualization is now fundamental to many organizations. With the advances made within the last few years, virtualization allows businesses to reduce their overall hardware cost and do their part for the environment by reducing power consumption and heat. Our consultants are industry leaders in both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V solutions which provide the ability to convert physical machines to consolidated virtual machines.

Our qualified staff can provide general network, security, compliance and process assessments on current IT infrastructure in terms you can understand. We provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make sound decisions on the direction of your technology infrastructure.

Architecture and Design
Our team has the skills and expertise necessary to follow through with assessment recommendations by designing architecture with business functions in mind. Our solutions are always end to end and focused on redundancy, recovery, and cost. All of our solution architecture designs are versatile, high performing and secure.

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