Stop waiting for your technology to break

For most small businesses, managing technology and network support is an unwelcomed disruption that often gets in the way of achieving business goals. Expensive repairs, lost data and unanticipated downtime can stress the budget and take time away from growing the business.

A CTTL outsourced solution offers flexibility and a cost-effective option whilst allowing a company to retain final control and decision-making. We take responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure, propose business solutions and suggest improvement plans. Our expert service team provides business support to ensure the Technologies which keep a business operating are at peak performance.

Reap the rewards!

Improved IT productivity and Lower IT cost!

Our company provides a range of IT managemnet services inclusive of Network/PC/Server management,technology consultations just to name a few.
Escape costly repairs and recovery situations.

We monitor and maintain your systems proactively, saving you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place.

Accelerated performance,reduced issues

Sounds great, right? The probability of downtime will be minimized as we proficiently identify and resolve issues and establish preventative measures to mitigate against potential threats.

Eliminate production disruptions.

IT infrasture disruptions would be lessened as these services can be performed remotely, thus improving your organisation's productivity.

Gain peace of mind.

Embarking on this venture will provide you with ease of mind as your systems would be monitored by experts of the field.

Meet Your Client Service Team!
  • An Account Manager (BDE) responsible for the overall management of the relationship.
  • Client Operations Representatives / DSE’s who are responsible for client communications and general requests.
  • Senior resources to handle specialized projects, Virtual CIO capabilities, or high level management.
  • The Director of Consulting Services who handles the overall business issues with our clients.
  • A Centralized Services organization for remote support and back office capabilities
  • An emergency support hotline.
  • A strong pool of consultants both Regionally and Internationally.

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