CDRE - Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

"Trainer was Crisp and clear in his delivery and presentation. It was backed with tremendous industry experience. Mile2’s approach to BCP/DRP is a simple, practical & effective way of implementing in my organization. Catering was excellent so was facilities. Wonderful experience." André H.
Public Service (Gov't)
IT Manager
"Firstly the catering and accommodations were excellent. The learning environment was extremely well organized and professional. The Trainer and Training was clear, in depth and very interactive." Vijai C
Public Service (Gov't)
IT Technician
"The CDRE class was very well conducted. I found the speaker very knowledgeable in the course itself and the industry as a whole. excellent course and Training center. " Roger B.
Public Service
Network Specialist
"The Course was very information and an eye opener for me in terms of overall Business Continuity and Disaster Best practice. Excellent." Don F.
Public Service
Systems Analyst
"Great class, instructor was very knowledgeable not just of the course itself but the IT industry on the whole. I would recommend this course and this facility to all my peers. Extremely valuable. " Ronald S.
Network Administrator
"As always it was a pleasure training with CTTL. The CDRE program is absolutely exceptional, mind blowing and eye opening. Donny’s delivery is superb, the clarity, presentation skills and relaying of knowledge is second to none. " Kwesi J.
Oil and Gas Industry
IT & Infrastructure Coordinator
"This was the sort of training in BCP/DRP that I was looking for. I liked the presenter’s style with imparting the information to the class. He was incredible. The sessions were very exciting and I definitely will be attending more sessions at CTTL in the future. " Ralph A.
Beverage Manufacuring Industry
Senior Systems Engineer

"I found the Information presented very relevant to my company. The practical approach marinated with the theory and concepts perfectly and provided a concise and effective delivery of the CDRE Course. " Andrew J.
I.T. Manager
Canouan - St.Vincent and the Grenadines
"The Trainer knows his stuff ! He has a wealth of knowledge of BCP/DR and the Information Technology Industry as a whole. The Course content is very relevant and Informative. Keep up the good work CTTL" Larry B.
Database Administrator
Oil and Gas Industry
"GREAT Course. Wished we had more time. Looking forward to all the post training support. Trainer was EXCELLENT !! Great Guide and awareness of Business Continuity. " Candice M.
Systems Specialist
Financial Industry
"CDRE Class was relevant and the additional exchange of Technical Information and advice was invaluable." Richard C.
Telecom Analyst
Oil and Gas Industry
"The Information in this CDRE Class was very timely to me and my organization. The Training, Trainer and delivery was EXCELLENT and was very applicable. " Lincoln C.
Network Administrator
St.Vincent and the Grenadines
"CDRE Class contained good knowledge and content, and good experience from the Trainer. Critical course for Business Continuity. " Ziyaad K.
TEAM Lead - Network Facilities and Services
Oil and Gas Industry
"The CDRE program is a very comprehensive approach to understanding DRP and BCP for any organisation. It provides the tools and resources necessary for designing and implementing a BCP plan. " Reza S.
Business Applications Team Leader
Oil and Gas Industry
"This course was en eye opener to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. The coursework was very detailed and informational. The material opened up critical thinking to various options and methods used by organizations for business continuity. The lecturer was well informed of Business Continuity and shared his experience masterfully in the class. " Macaulay M.
Systems Administrator
Public Service - Health

"The CDRE Training programme at CTTL was a very good eye opener for developing a Business Continuity Plan for an organization. The Introduction of cybercrimes and pandemics actually has added an area which is generally neglected when constructing a BCP Plan. The Presenter displayed very sound knowledge of the course content and used many practical examples to illustrate the key points. " Suresh B.
Petroleum Industry
"My expectation of this training was far exceeded by both the Instructor and the Training material. I am now able to review my role within the organization as an active contributor to its resiliency ensuring business continuity.
The related experience from the instructor clarified many issues regarding BCP and DR. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in preparing a comprehensive BCP and DRP to participate in this training at CTTL. " Ashley C.
General Manager
Private Sector

"It was a great workshop. I thoroughly appreciated being here to learn about the process. I will be recommending that other members of my department (IT) attend." Kathy-Ann J.
Systems Analyst II
Public Service - Education
"Well trained staff, open, easy to talk and relate to. Comfortable and accommodating environment. Well Structured program. Speaker’s message came across clear and allowed for idea sharing." Fareed I.
Client Support Technician
Public Service - (Gov't)
"I attended the CDRE Program to obtain an understanding of the IT Disaster Recovery functions. From the overall course I gained so much more. I obtained a wide understanding and appreciation for BCP, BCP teams and investment in BCP. This course has allowed me to obtain a better understanding in how to assess situations, processes, people and systems. The bonus for me came from the widespread knowledge and experience acquired and displayed by the Facilitator. From my experience in the course I would recommend CTTL and Mile2 to others. Thank you for the experience." Navita S.
IT Manager
Public Service (Gov't)
"This workshop exceeded my expectations as an IT professional continually developing my skills it pointed out weaknesses that need to be corrected with having a BCP/DR plan in operation. The Service at CTTL was great! Thanks to Donny, Nicholas, Greg, Reece, Sheldon and Akim I truly enjoyed the course and look forward to returning to CTTL for many more courses in the future." Stephen H.
IT Specialist
Public Service (Govt)
"This programme broadened my horizons.
• Donny is an excellent trainer
• Food was very good
• Being in the training room with multiple organizations was a great benefit, it brought a diversity of experiences
• Reece was excellent in providing support

I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of the Business Continuity process." Jason C.
Systems Analyst
Public Service - Education
"Enlightening! The workshop catered for the expectations of a BC/DR initiative. The workshop also provided, sound insight into actual concerns and areas of concerns for BCP and DR. Overall I was pleasantly satisfied." Charles B.
Head of ICT
Financial Services Industry
"I will recommend this program without reservation to other businesses." Nadine Radday
Risk Department
Financial Services Industry