MOC 6231 SQL SERVER 2008 R2

"The class has presented the latest information on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and the capabilities of the SQL Server, which is a complete RDMS rather than a mere Database Application. The tools and features are extensive and would help Database Administrators to automate task(s) which would otherwise take up their time which could be spent to monitor and optimize their databases.

The trainer is well versed in the subject matter and has the industry experience in the field which makes his examples very relevant to my company's environment. His answers to my questions were timely, appropriate and informative.

The New knowledge acquired will definitely be beneficial to my company in terms of the administration, maintenance and management of the SQL Database Server including producing a Disaster Recovery Strategy. The knowledge will also assist in making recommendations for the upgrade and procurement of future database systems.

Thanks to Donny and his team for a training that was well presented and the content organized in a structured manner. " Vernon M.
Information Systems Manager
Public Services - Grenada
"The course has demonstrated to me the skills and knowledge to install, manage and maintain SQL 2008R2.

This would benefit The organization by allowing me to implement a proper Database Maintenance Plan for our existing databases.

The MOC 6231 course was well presented and delivered by Mr. Ramdathsingh, thus the labs allowed me, to better appreciate and apply the skills and knowledge in practice.

Job well done CTTL, looking forward to being certified before the end of 2012." Karel J.
Information Technician
Public Services - Grenada
"This week was indeed an exciting, informative and challenging one. At the beginning, I had little knowledge of this Microsoft Database and now I have a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the SQL Server 2008 R2.

I must say Hats off to the trainer, Donny who was able to pass on a lot of knowledge to us within the five days of the course. It was amazing at times to hear how he was able to use real life examples in order for us to have a better understanding. Donny has even helped us to make better decisions in the way we carry out our operations. His presentations kept us awake and alert as he shared his ideas, knowledge and experience.

The labs provided was able to link the theoretical aspect of the class to the practical one, it was an amazing experiencing while doing the labs I sometimes caught myself saying ‘wow’.

I am happy that I was able to be part of this training and I can say it will assist me a lot in performing tasks required at my department or whenever called upon for assistance at the ISU. I am considering doing further Studies in that area and even attempting the exams in the future.

I say a special thank you to all the persons who are responsible for making this training a wonderful and memorable experience. " Kaari M.
Public Services - Grenada
"The Microsoft Class was a very knowledgeable experience during the week. It gave me a greater appreciation of what happens with the information collected from the daily transactions including how it is stored for use and access in the future.

The information imparted by Donny, our Trainer was disseminated in a fashion that has you looking forward to the next modules and the real world experiences and examples that will be shared to give a greater understanding of the information imparted.

Donny's knowledge and experience was evident in the information he provided that can assist the organization in solving problems.

The Labs were good in terms of gaining practice and understanding of the information imparted by the Trainer." Shallene F.
Public Services - Grenada