IT Service Management

"This course is a must have for any I.T person or anyone in the IT service industry. It has really changed my focus on what was really important. The biggest taking away point is the experience of the instructor and his ability to apply it to the real world and guide us along on how to do the same." Benedict A.
Systems Engineer
National Communications Provider
"This workshop proved to be quite beneficial and I am certain that what was articulated over the past 3 days will not go to waste. Additionally, the level of expertise displayed by the presenter was very good and it provided a repository for querying to further gain a better understanding of the subject matter. The course offering was spot on and the service offered by CTTL was excellent. I will be returning to pursue other courses as I have been exposed to what CTTL can deliver and am VERY pleased with the Training delivery." Sheldon R.
IT Manager
Financial Services Industry - Commercial
"Great, real life to Business workshop and course training. Valuable course content – Can actually be used to add value and improve process immediately upon return to the Business Place." Michelle C.
System Engineer
National Communications Provider