Linux +

"The Lecturer was very helpful in answering all the questions posed to him. His method of teaching was very comprehensive and he was very willing to assist with all the lab sessions. Through this course I have been introduced to the use of Linux. What interests me most and will serve useful in my job is what I have learnt in user management and security. " Rohini S.
Database Administrator
Education Provider - GOV'T
"In the last five days, there were a number of topics covered depicting various commands and structures of Linux. What I have learnt is that Linux is very robust and secure. The different flavors allow users to use Linux at various levels from a standard user to a power user. I must say that the lecturer has clearly delivered the course through literature, diagrams and practical examples. Through this training I want to implement solutions for my business." Varune R.
IT Helpdesk
Education Provider - GOV'T
" This class has expanded my knowledge of the Linux operating system. It’s strengths, weaknesses and possible uses as a user or network operating system. I learnt about the different Linux distributions, the differences between Red Hat and Debian distro’s,. The Security of the operating system was of particular interest to me. I hope to use the knowledge gathered in the past week to provide a more robust, reliable and secure environment to my organization." Rory A.
Systems Administrator
Education Provider - GOV'T
"Completing this five (5) day course will allow me to make more informed decisions on the technologies used in my organization. I have learnt the foundation of Linux, the commands, architecture and usage of this operating system. The examples demonstrated in class and comparisons done was well explained by the tutor." Juliet A.
IT Project Manager
Education Provider - GOV'T
"In this five day training of the Linux environment I have learned many things. Key to me was the creation of databases and data manipulation (Adding / Removing data etc). I gathered a general understanding of Linux Networking and I learnt that Linux is a very secure platform and I have learnt the ways to make it secure." Randolph G.
Network Administrator
Education Provider - GOV'T
"As a learning management administrator , I can proudly say the knowledge and experience I was able to acquire from this 40 hour Linux Plus workshop has given me a broader perspective and understanding to enhance my skills and strengthen my ability to perform more efficiently and competent in my field. The Course structure was well laid out and prepared before each session. Our facilitator took very good aid in putting forward well-defined examples in theory as well as the lab sessions. Having completed this workshop, I will recommend CTTL for future training." Kester D.
Education Technology Service Assistant
Education Provider - GOV'T