Windows Server 2012

"The Training instruction was clear and concise, Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and was able to draw on significant real world experience to provide context on the topics at hand.
The Training delivered numerous features of server 2012, many which I see can benefit my organization such as Branch Cache, Virtualization and Clustering to name a few.
The lab scenarios we’re very detailed and well developed, they provided practical examples and hands on in all the topics covered in the course." Stanley M.
Systems Admin
Public Service (GOV’T)

"First off, I’d like to thank CTTL for this exceptional learning experience, the Training has been very beneficial. The Trainer, the Lab Support Team, and everything was beyond excellent.
As a previous customer with CTTL over the years, I have seen them constantly improve and I’ve benefitted by spending time to upgrade my skills to match current industry requirements.
Looking forward to spending a lot more time at CTTL. Excellent work." Kior P.
Network Specialist
Public Service (GOV’T)

"This training was VERY good, the delivery by the Trainer of the significant changes that Server 2012 has, and how different it is than Server 2008. Key points for me was the use of the new Hypervisor and the improved capabilities of powershell.
The labs were exceptional and it made everything really come to life. I would recommend this Trainer and this facility to all my peers interested in learning IT in the real World." Vishal D.
Systems Support Specialist
Public Service (GOV’T)

MOC 20410

"This course has opened my eyes to a lot of new features that Server 2012 has, which can definitely benefit my organization. Management is one of the key features where everything can be managed from one console. This can greatly increase productivity and by extension user satisfaction.

Content material and labs were well formalized and in-depth allowing for a greater knowledge capture. Overall the facilities, content material and instructor was excellent, and I must say I’m VERY satisfied and learnt a tremendous amount of Information on Windows Server 2012. " Jonothan H.
Public Service Sector - Housing
Network Administrator