SQL Server 2008

"From the Training in this course, I will be recommending Migrating to SQL 2008. The main focus will be disaster recovery, security and high availability. The many benefits learnt in the training at CTTL, I would propose to my organization. Looking forward to writing the Microsoft exam and being certified on this platform, as well as doing more courses at CTTL." Brent F.
Commercial Auto Industry
"When SQL 2008 is rolled out in the organization, there will be a higher level of competence due to The knowledge gained in this course. The Disaster Recovery and high availability features are VERY important and note worthy. The Automation of many of the SQL features makes the switch very compelling. The Security features in protecting servers and data is very noteworthy." Denise T.
IT Officer
Public Service - Utilities
"The Experience at CTTL has shown me how flexible and innovative SQL 2008 can be for my company. The Integration and Import functions were impressive as well as the ability for user permissions and flexibility in security. The simplicity in backup and recovery are commendable as well as high availability is critical for My organization. Well done CTTL." Rayad M.
Hardware Technician
Public Service - Utilities
"One of my core functions is the backup of the databases. As a result of the Training, this was particular instructive." Raynath S.
User support Officer
Public Service - Utilities
"In my experience SQL 2008 is a very powerful , flexible and stable database platform. The ease of use and the friendly interface is beautiful. The Security and DR and BCE features are fantastic. I believe that the use of this software in my organization will be very beneficial. I am sold on the Microsoft Platform and in the future my company will be implementing more of their products. Very good product , Very good Class. Keep it up CTTL. " Kerwin B.
User Support Officer
Public Service - Utilities
"At the organization a number of important applications use Databases at the backend. Through the training at CTTL, the staff has now been exposed to SQL 2008 and its functionality and features. Standardizing on SQL Server is now on the cards because of the training at CTTL and the amount of potential business benefits SQL server 2008 can deliver." Karlene B.
IT Services Manager
Public Service - Utilities

"This course has given me the skills needed to properly maintain SQL Server 2008 databases. I can see my company benefitting a lot from the skills gained in the Transferring Data module; Security Management and Recovery." Keyon T.
Commercial Insurance Industry
"This course gives a good summary of the potential of SQL Server 2008 and I believe upgrading our existing SQL server 2005 will be of great benefit to my organization." Richard N.
Commercial Insurance Industry
"We are currently using MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005 at COLFIRE. We plan to migrate to MS SQL 2008 by the end of 2010. While we use SQL 2005 for reporting, the goal is to implement Business Intelligence Models using SQL 2008. We recognize the power of MS SQL 2005 and want to leverage on the enhanced features of 2008 platform." Ashraff A.
Manager, Information Technology
Commercial Insurance Industry
"We have recently deployed SQL 2008 cluster as back end to our Sharepoint System. From this training we will be able to setup proper backup related tasks for the installation, and establish proper monitoring routines." Ernie S.
System Administrator
Petroleum Industry
"This course was very informative. It provided a great insight into workings and capability of MS SQL Server 2008. The training was conducted at a very professional level." Peter F.
System Administrator
Petrotroleum Industry

"At CTTL, the training experience was new to me as I was never a Microsoft SQL server expert. During the training period, I found that in such a short space of time I was able to work wonders with the SQL Server 2008 software. It has shown me how to effectively work with the system and has been a key ingredient in the decision to ask my company officials to upgrade to SQL 2008. I look forward to becoming certified." Petriann T.
Database administrator
Public Service - Standards
"I believe this course provides an overview of knowledge of what the product is capable of. The theory is to the point and the labs are very detailed. To truly appreciate SQL Server 2008 one has to “play” with the software to discover its full potential." James N.
IT Project Assistant
Maufacturing Industry - Commercial
"Microsoft has engineered an in-depth training program which gives the real world applications of SQL server 2008. The platform is user friendly and scalable. I have benefitted and by extension my organization from the introduction into MS SQL Server 2008." Scherzon S.
Public Service - Standards
"As a fairly new user of MS SQL Server, this SQL 2008 course has certainly opened my eyes to what is available by way of functionality in SQL 2008 and its capabilities. It will certainly add tremendous value to me and my organization. This course is extremely detailed and has been delivered in an excellent fashion by CTTL and Mr. Ramdathsingh. I would recommend this course and CTTL to anyone wanting to advance their career in this area." Brent P.
Business Application, Support & Development - team Leader
Manufacturing Industry - Commercial