Windows Server 2008

"I have always preferred QUALITY training. Quality training to me is based on the instructor having sound knowledge of the curriculum and experience in the subject matter, as well as the ability to bring it across in a simple yet real world way using appropriate analogies. This was the CTTL experience EXACTLY. The MOC 6430 course was delivered with the aforementioned characteristics. Great Knowledge sharing which made a direct impact on my job as we are in the planning phase of a major deployment. The location is key against traffic and the facilities, both lab and auxillary are conducive to professional delivery. Kudos to Microsoft and CTTL, a JOB WELL DONE:" Avinash R.
Network Administrator
Public Service Sector - Education
"I was pleasantly surprised at the level of quality and effectiveness offered by CTTL for this training programme. Having lived abroad I was very surprised to the see the quality met and in fact surpassed International standards. The Trainer was well prepared answered concisely was very articulate and interacted with every student, there was a clear intent to pass on his knowledge and experience. The learning experience was unlike ANY other…GREAT Job CTTL." Darren S.
Systems Specialist
Commercial Industry - Port
"I have been a part of many training sessions in the past, including other Microsoft classes at other institutions, and I must say this has been one of the BEST if NOT the BEST I have even been a part of. The training was very practical and well coordinated. I was VERY surprised that a facility from Trinidad had the ability to deliver training of this value. The many labs with multiple machines facilitated a rich in depth learning experience that replicated real world situations exceptionally. The Trainer Donny , was clear , concise and delivered analogies so pointed that it made the material *come to life* the program has an immediate impact on me and my company as we are deploying new technologies at this moment and the training has changed the direction in which we plan to go. Now I can confidently deploy and discuss the merits and business benefits of the new Microsoft technologies learnt in this programme. Well done Microsoft and CTTL." Yohan B.
IT Administrator
Commercial Energy Services
"The 6430 Windows 2008 course facilitated by CTTL, was a GREAT experience. The course content was relevant to my work as an IT Leader in my organization. The content was delivered masterfully by the Instructor Mr. Donny Ramdathsingh, Always polite, helpful and easy to approach added to that a WEALTH on information he is definitely on the top of his craft. The material was brought to life by the use of real world examples and his experience. In depth discussion and the vast knowledge exchanged not only by the instructor but the entire class was priceless. The environment was well proctored and created a dynamic learning experience, the equipment worked well even though we ran multiple intensive business scenarios. The location was a pleasant surprise , against traditional POS traffic , distraction free and the southern hospitality must be mentioned and credited. I would recommend this programme and training center *hands down* to any IT professional serious about gaining *REAL* skills." Stephan J.
IT Manager
Public Service Sector - Education
"Since my last formal class on Windows 2000 from a Microsoft Trainer, I never came across anyone capable of teaching IT courses in a satisfactory manner until I came to CTTL. To say I was surprised is an UNDERSTATEMENT. From DAY 1 the experience was superior, Donny has done a fantastic job imparting his knowledge and experience by providing the BEST possible materials, environment and conditions necessary to ensure complete knowledge transfer of the stated curriculum PLUS more. At first, the distance to south concerned me, As I work in POS and live in North, however coming to CTTL was actually MUCH shorter due to the against traffic commute. The facility itself is comfortable, safe, and virtually encapsulated against the normal bustle of POS. I would gladly recommend anyone interested in professional IT Training, whether personal or corporate to invest the time to check out CTTL. The experience was world class and exceptional. " Nigel G.
Network Administrator
Manufacturing Industry - Commercial
"I've had the opportunity to do IT Training in the US and locally, I have always left a bit disappointed even in the US courses I expected more. Imagine my surprise that CTTL located in Trinidad delivered much more than I expected. I attended Training for Windows 2008 (MOC 6430) my instructor was Donny Ramdathsingh. The course material was well structured, appropriate and understandable. the same can be said for the labs and activities. Donny was very easy to talk to, friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable about both the course and the IT field at large. The Training center was comfortable and conducive to learning. I would definitely return for more training there, and recommend CTTL and Donny to others." Rajiv L.
Network Technician
Finance and Insurance industry - Commercial