Server 2008 Hyper-V

"Having used Hyper-V before, this training has given me a greater insight to all its features and functionalities, better enabling me to administer this software tool. System Center was very intuitive and managed VMM well. VM ware integration was also a good touch. Training was well done by the instructor; he was very knowledgeable and friendly. Class layout was good and all tools needed for training was made available." Kyle T.
Shippping Industry - Commercial
IT Manager
"After attending the Microsoft launch for “Microsoft Office 2010” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, I won this Hyper-V course as a door prize. I was shocked that I actually won something, but I am both thankful and grateful, but more so amazed at the product that Microsoft has branded “Hyper-V”. Initially when I heard about virtualization some years ago, I was very skeptical about this new technological process with regards to the stability, cost and ease of use with business continuity and redundancy, but after attending the course at CTTL, I have no doubt that Hyper-V is what my company needs and the direction we need to go! I also know that Microsoft will only improve this product in years to come, as they always strive for perfection. I dear not whisper or even this about the other competitors out there (VMWARE) because this is a Microsoft product that is undoubtedly stable and very much cost effective, which is ALWAYS a deciding factor for my organization. I would also like to thank Microsoft for allowing me this gift, as it serves as a pillar and starting point for me to implement this solution in my environment within a couple months. This solution definitely ties back to my business plan for the next two years to come. GO MICROSOFT!!!" Miguel W.
Insurance Industry - Commercial
Network Administrator

"I was particularly impressed by the trainer’s ability to visualize company specific issues and suggest solutions to my questions. The course was a perfect pre cursor to our planned Hype V implementation and gave important insight into what could be the main issues, allowing us to plan our approach.
An overall pleasant and fruitful experience which added value to our investment in training and preparation." Lucien B.
Network administrator
Manufacturing Industry - International Commercial
"This has been my third Microsoft CPLS course and the information and skills gathered from these courses have allowed me to become better at performing my daily duties.
CTTL for me will always be my first choice for Microsoft training as the lectures are provided in a very professional manner and the courses and labs are very detailed and informative. The lecturers also go out of their way to ensure that the information is understood and never hesitate to take the time to ensure that you are fully aware of what is being taught. I look forward to my next CPLS course and will always wish CTTL the very best." Maurice G.
System administrator
Public Service - Health
"This is the second course that I have attended at this institution. The instructor was highly competent in the particular field. Coming from a VMware background, I was a little skeptical about the product. Though, after the program I see that Hyper V is just as robust as its competitor. I see many applications for this in my current environment" Makesi S.
Public Service - Health