Windows Server 2008 AD

"The training was well put together. The labs and information was in-depth for me enough to have a clear view of active directory and how it functions. Also it has removed a lot of misconceptions about Active Directory that I had previously. My next class at CTTL is SCCM and I don’t think it would be wise not to have understanding of Active Directory when attending a SCCM course. In all well done CTTL." BENEDICT A.
National Commnuncations Provider
"The course was very informative and interesting. It provided the core foundation for AD. A similar course that I will be attending to enhance my job functions is the SCCM at CTTL (looking forward to that course). Overall it gave me a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Microsoft’s Active Directory environment." MICHELLE C.
National Communications Provider
"This course was very informative for me for the following reasons; I am currently working in a recently deployed Active Directory environment. The course actually immediately resolved some issues that are currently being experienced in my job. The course was delivered at a very good pace and this facilitated a very good learning experience. I can use the methods outlined in group policy and group creation to my advantage now. I am also now more knowledgeable using Active Directory from the Administrative side." RANDY C.
National Communications Provider
"The course had very useful topics. I received a most useful and necessary introduction to MS AD with key terms, definitions and labs. I now know how to set up and manage users and groups effectively. I received a number of best practices with similar industries as well as Implementation of group policies that can ensure more efficient management within MS AD." KORETTA C.
National Communications Provider
"I found this course was very informative and interesting. Having recently been asked to work in a new AD 2008 deployment that was delivered as a turnkey solution, the content of this entire course is extremely valuable to both me and my company. It would enable me to provide the support and deliver the suggestions that will lead to efficiencies in the organization. I cannot single out just one module that stands out as ALL did and the material is directly related to my immediate work. The material is also very thorough and well presented. I have to take the time also to mention how well the course was presented. This is the second time I’m training with this particular trainer and I find him extremely knowledgeable and very willing to assist." RICHARD L.
National Communications Provider
"The course provided an in-depth look into Active Directory. We were supported by a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Learning how to create and link group policies would be of the most immediate benefit to me. Having the overall knowledge provided in class, allowed a greater understanding of the whole solution. Very good class." SHAUN D.
National Communications Provider