Personal Coaching

Individual One-to-One Support from a Master Trainer delivers unique insight and customized learning to suit your direct knowledge needs. You schedule your time to suit your agenda, we deliver the knowledge - One to One. Personalized to suit you and the needs of your business project or career advancement objectives.

"My Training at CTTL was for the MOC 50511 Course. I must say it was a *spectacular* experience. I’ve been at their Training sessions before and I’ve seen tremendous improvements in their services.

I’ve had the opportunity to be the only student for the 50511 session (Personal Coaching), and I believe that it has had a *greater impact* on me than a full class of students. The one-on-one session allowed me to learn at my pace. The Trainer was able to relate directly to my questions based on my company and I was eager to have discussions about each module with him, time was not an issue.

As a direct result of this, I was able to relate to all the modules presented and I think this has been the *best* training session. I’ve retained everything taught.

Because I’ve understood the teachings in such a granular way through the one-on-one discussions, I was *able to successfully* and quickly complete the labs with little or no support. I am now prepared to use my Microsoft Business Intelligence skills as early as tomorrow !!! "

Instructor: Outstanding
Classroom Comments: Great Classroom Upgrade
Overall Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Petriann T.
Database Administrator
Public Service - Standard Control
Method of Delivery Personal Coaching: Date: June 2012

"As compared to other learning institutions I've been too, CTTL has delivered a LOT more. I've gained a much deeper knowledge of Windows Server 2008 R2. As I am learning "one to one" rather than a group, I am able to understand at my own pace, and this method has allowed me to have much more opportunity to achieve more and learn a lot more than other courses which I have taken.
The Microsoft Official Training Kits supported my learning by providing the step by step details of the configuration of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platform and re-enforced what was taught in class."

Instructor: Outstanding
Classroom Comments:Very Good Classroom
Overall Satisfaction:Very Satisfied
Solange B.
Commercial Insurance and Financial Industry
IT Support Assistant
Method of Delivery Personal Coaching: Date : June 2012

"The Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (CDRE), Training Session fully met ALL my expectations.

It provided essential information of BCP/DR in a structured framework that has enabled me to bring significant value to my organization…… FANTASTIC COURSE !!"

Instructor: Outstanding
Classroom Comments: Excellent
Overall Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Stephan A.
Public Service - GOV'T - Education
IT Manager
Method of Delivery Personal Coaching: Date : June 2012

"The CPTE Class was *AWESOME* with a high degree of Information Exchange.
Most enjoyable; and key concepts of security reinforced with *INTENSE* Labs.
Information is critical for creating a safer network. I highly recommend CTTL for professional IT Training. This is the *BEST* Training I have received.
Continued blessings to CTTL"

Instructor: Excellent
Classroom Comments: Excellent
Overall Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Jamel B.
Financial Services Industry - Commercial
ICT Support Officer II
Method of Delivery Personal Coaching: Date : June 2012

"The CDRE Class at CTTL has been a *real eye opener* for me as it has identified a number of key areas that is necessary for a complete Business Continuity Plan.
Very good course, excellent Trainer."

Instructor: Extraordinary
Classroom Comments: Outstanding
Overall Satisfaction: Very Satisfied
Andre M.
Oil and Gas Industry
Network Administrator II
Method of Delivery Personal Coaching. Date: August 2012