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Over Two Decades of delivering IT Professional Training.

MSc - UK , MCT


At CTTL, we believe in the adage, "The only thing constant is change", especially when it comes to technology. For that reason, we continually evaluate and update our Training Programmes to ensure that they keep up with an evolving marketplace. Earning an IT Certification not only helps you stay current with the latest Technology products and platforms, it demonstrates your specific job-related experience and technical problem-solving skills. To succeed in today's competitive job market, whether looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills.When evaluating new candidates or considering the competencies of existing staff, employers recognize the value of Certification. These certification provide the recognition you need to excel in your career and provides employers with validation of your skills.

"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest" - Benjamin Franklin

CTTL Taught Courses

  • Delivered by an experienced learning professional who is an expert in the subject matter
  • Are reviewed to QA standards to ensure quality
  • Follow a structured and comprehensive course outline
  • Come with clear, detailed joining instructions and all necessary pre-reading materials
  • Provide detailed courseware and real-world scenario labs
  • Allow plenty of time for detailed Q&As with the learning professional

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