Live Course - No Travel - Reduced Costs !!

CTTL LIVE enables you to participate in REAL classroom training from any location, just as if you were attending in person. Remote Learning is a significant leap forward for Learning.
This form of delivery has empowered CTTL to help Train remote customers without compromising quality.
Over the last five years, the IT training industry has undergone many changes explained Caribbean Tech TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) CEO, D.M.Ramdathsingh.Advancements in technology make it possible for a11 companies to offer many training options over the internet.

Q. Many organizations offer *Remote Learning* but is it really the same thing as CTTL LIVE ?

A. No, NOT all training is created equal.There is a disconnect between present market offerings such as self-pace / self-study video, e-learning, simulated labs etc versus Official Microsoft Training LIVE.

Official & Authorized Training

The fact remains that Traditional ILT (Instructor Led Training) with an experienced MCT remains the best Microsoft Learning experience. Now there is a way to attend the same course, with the same instructors, the same Microsoft Official Curriculum and the same LIVE Labs from the comfort of your home or office. CTTL recognizes the importance of the classroom and our distance learning component delivers on this expectation. We have aligned our CTTL LIVE Platform around that belief and have made the necessary investments in Technology to provide remote training in a classroom.

These innovations allows you, our clients, to get the training you want, where you want it. In this training, students will receive all of the benefits of our traditional Instructor-Led Computer Training such as lecture, LIVE labs, interactive discussions, and question and answer sessions. This computer training will allow companies to eliminate travel expenses related to employee training thus allowing for a reduced training budget. Our standard or customized computer training courses can meet any company’s training needs.

CTTL's LIVE Training Delivery Method.

CTTL LIVE blends the best from traditional face-to-face instructor-led training with the latest in conferencing technology, allowing us to deliver live training to multiple locations at one time. Students in remote locations have a classroom training experience that is very similar to traditional face-to-face instruction. They see the same instructor presentations. They hear the same questions other students pose. They get the same course book. And they work on the same hands-on labs. They are participating in the same, instructor-led training event. ALL 100% LIVE. Using Internet conferencing, students are able to participate in our instructor-led training without being in the same location as the instructor.