About CTTL Ltd (CTTL)

To succeed in a Global business environment dominated by rapid change, we must never forget who we are and how we became of a high-quality standard.
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To be the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION partner of choice by delivering the best customer experience to the regions we serve.

About us

To succeed in a Global business environment dominated by rapid change, we must never forget Who We are and how we became of a high-quality standard. It is important to keenly be aware that our beliefs and values are what makes CTTL unique. following our beliefs and values will keep us on the correct path, and will increase the strength of our company. Our beliefs drive our behaviors and enable us to achieve our mission.

Our Mission

To Positively TRANSFORM organizations and People – ONE at a TIME.

Employee Growth

Each employee should personally benefit from working at CTTL both financially and intellectually. We develop skilled, expert level staff that are eager to meet new challenges and willing to exceed expectations.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly striving for continuous improvement; we are never satisfied. We are energized by change, and continuously thinking ahead and anticipating how we can better serve our customers. We are always examining how we can do it better, and engage constructively with those associated with the company to gain additional knowledge and to learn from past lessons


We believe in the untapped potential of every human being. Every individual and company that we help achieve this potential through our services will bring us one step closer to achieving our mission.


We believe that our creator put us on this earth to be a success. We will do so by winning honestly and accepting our daily successes humbly, knowing that a higher power has guided us to victory.

In the eyes of the customer, CTTL’s products and services has a reputation of high standards. We are accountable for ensuring quality is built into everything we do. Superior performance and quality ensures future trust and confidence in our service.


Our customers are well-informed. An informed customer is our finest resource. They carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product and Service available and continually choose CTTL. We embrace their confidence.

Unrelenting Customer Care

We believe that every interaction – internally and externally – is a customer interaction that demands professionalism and respect. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of each of our customers. We believe that understanding our customers and listening to their unique needs ensures we deliver customer-focused products and services.


We recognize that in almost every action, we are part of a team, and through our collaborative efforts, we align our teams both regionally and Internationally. We proactively work together, which has a dramatic effect on productivity and job satisfaction. We share best practices and ideas. We believe that our success can only come about through teamwork, positive thinking, and action.

We Listen

We pursue and value others’ perspectives, and desire to learn about opinions different from our own. Through two-way communication, internally and externally, we encourage new ways to address business issues, and we make CTTL a better company.


We are thankful every day for what we have, and appreciate the fact that this is because of the trust that others have placed in us. We believe that to increase our business we must excel in our individual and collective responsibilities to our customers every day in every way.

These numbers do not define us but they show us where we are headed !

Years Established

Projects Completed

Professionals Trained

Countries Served

Ethics Policy

CTTL Ethics Policy reflects the high standard of business conduct representing what is the hallmark of our organization. Our Ethics Policy helps define our commitment to support a culture of openness, trust and integrity in all we do.

Client Engagement Team

Donny Mark Ramdathsingh - MSc, PgD Strategic Business and IT - U.K and Singapore

Executive Advisor and Chief Strategist

With over 25+ years, regional experience Designing and Implementing Multi-million Dollar Project(s), in DataCenter, Security, Productivity, Commercial Insights and Cloud Business for Caribbean Corporate and Public Sector Organizations, His vast array of experience and humble attitude anchors the team.

Thinks he likes Decaf Coffee, but he’s just kidding himself.

Nicholas Whiskey - MBA, BSc.

Chief Transformational Officer

Nicholas has managed multiple projects across the Caribbean, including governments and regional conglomerates.

He focuses on Business Success / Profitability and Digital Transformation in core operations and company culture management.

Nic is a connoisseur of fine spirits and cigars.

Arianna Maharaj

Executive Operations Manager

Arianna and her team runs the Admin and Finances of the organization. Her diligent work ethic and time management skills are second to none, constantly ensuring all of the operational arms of the organization functions impeccably is her trademark. Working on Strategy with the CxO team at CTTL a number of expansion projects are under her purview- each adding a new Dimension of Service to our Clients.

She claims to love Coffee – but in reality Green Tea is her best friend

Melissa Soogrim

Digital Transformation Coordinator – Corporate and Public Sector (West Indies)

Melissa works in the Executive Team
and Leads the Reskilling Mission
for Digital Transformation in the Caribbean
via Professional Training Corporate pathways.

She provides operational support for Select Enterprise Accounts
for all our Services including S.T.A.R.R

Is passionate towards Animals, owning 10 – YES 10 Dogs !!!

Amrita Ram

FINTECH Business Lead
(Commercial Applications – CariWebs)

– Believes that there is nothing more relaxing that being in nature.

When she sings, it rains.

“Our FOCUS remains solely on our customers and helping them TRANSFORM their business.”


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