Antivirus Management Software Modification

Our technical engineers manage and modify the antivirus software of a plethora of our clients. The Challenge Ensuring that elements with the infrastructure are protected from potential threats which can negatively affect the organization. The Strategy Software update Custom policies for added protection Automated client update task The Outcome The implementation of an antivirus management […]

Backup Management Software Modification

CTTL’s technical engineers keep client backup software updated to ensure security and compatibility is maintained. Backup integrity is routinely verified to assess integrity of backup data. The Challenge Data retention and threat protection The Strategy Implementing modern technology into the IT framework of our clients infrastructure. The Outcome State of the backup software with regularly […]

Temporary Remote IT Support in the Financial Sector

CTTL provided remote IT Support for a client in the Financial Sector to accommodate the vacation of their staff. The Challenge Inability to efficiently manage IT infrastructure in the absence of relevant personnel. The Strategy Deploy our technical engineers to satisfy the gap which was created Ensure that all server backups occurred in a timely […]

Learning Management System on Azure IaaS

CTTL deployed Azure to migrate the existing data of an on-premise application for an institution in the education sector. The Challenge Data vulnerability implications as data were stored on premise servers. Remote learning, therefore staff were encouraged to transition to online learning. The Strategy Migration of the legacy virtual machine to Azure using Azure Site […]

SharePoint Deployment for Performance Appraisals

CTTL delivered a performance appraisal solution to a client which spans a multitude of sectors to assist in their end of year review process. The Challenge A gargantuan number of performance appraisals to be reviewed at the end of the year. These reports were manually tracked and reviewed The Strategy Utilize the existing SharePoint environment […]

Teams Deployment for Educational Institutions

CTTL assisted educational institutions throughout Trinidad and Tobago in facilitating online learning as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. The Challenge Schools were physically closed to ensure that the transmission of the Covid-19 virus was haltered Learning was relocated to remote online platforms. The Strategy Identify a platform in which students and staff would be most […]

Human Resource Recruitment Portal Development

CTTL transformed a recruitment process for a client in the energy sector to facilitate an increase in applications. The Challenge The human resource department was inundated with job applications which they had to manually manage. There was no way to track an individual’s position in the recruitment process Physical examinations had to be administered to […]

Development of Platforms to Facilitate Online Learning

CTTL & Cariwebs implemented an online learning portal for a tertiary level institute in Trinidad & Tobago. The Challenge With stringent government regulations associated with Covid-19 it was difficult to effectively facilitate online classes in a way in which students would be receptive. The Strategy Develop a platform in which students and staff would be […]

Form Automation with Power BI Integration to Facilitate Financial Auditing

CTTL assisted in the automation of a financial auditing process for a client in the manufacturing sector. The Challenge Auditing was executed by utilizing a plethora of folders on One Drive and lists on SharePoint where data were extracted, and reports generated. The process of scrutinizing each list was time consuming and complex. Information assurance […]

Deployment of SharePoint for HSE Portal

CTTL utilized SharePoint to create a homepage for an HSE department with linked subsites of sister companies within the environment. The Challenge Collaborating with colleagues, especially in a pandemic, became problematic. There was no official medium in which HSE personnel could obtain training material, browse tutorials/videos, communicate, and display signature content all in one place. […]

Employing SharePoint Designer/Power Automate for Workflow Modification

CTTL consistently constructs and transforms workflows to disseminate information to relevant personnel to accommodate leave, termination, or vacation. When employees are absent from organizational operations for a prolonged period it creates disturbances and interruptions. Whether on vacation, quarantine or termination, their status in the workflow must be modified to be redirected to another person. This […]

Standardization of Mid-Year Review Process by Integrating Power Apps & SharePoint

CTTL assisted a conglomerate in the standardization of their mid-year review process through development using PowerApps in conjunction with SharePoint. The Challenge The mid-year review process was manually executed throughout a myriad of companies for hundreds of employees. Mandatory fields were often omitted in the process which then had to be re-routed back to the […]