To succeed in a Global business environment dominated by rapid change, we must never forget who we are and how we became of a high-quality standard.

Empowering Progress, 23 Years of Transformative Technology Service

Celebrating 23 years of service, CTTL remains dedicated to enhancing lives through technology. With a 4.8/5 satisfaction rating, we’re committed to continual improvement. Our expanded teams are ready to serve you in 2024, embodying our purpose: to help businesses and people thrive with technology.

Introduction and Gratitude

Dear Clients and well-wishers, This our 23rd year of service (#TEAM23), we continue to be humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Purpose Statement

Our Purpose remains in the forefront of ALL that we do : Purpose : To help businesses and people use Technology to create better lives.

Achievements and Ratings

Over the last year, the teams have worked hard to make this happen for all our Clients. We’ve implanted new International processes and gained an impressive 4.8 out of 5 VERY SATISFIED rating : This was NO EASY feat : We are taking steps as we grow to keep that rating in 2024 and Improve.

Commitment to Improvement

The Transition is an elongated (multiyear) one, and it is NOT complete but we are committed to this long term : Feedback is key and systematic in this process, and with every point of feedback we analyze and put through the system with a view to Improve. Even with GREAT feedback our Teams are looking for ways to keep getting better, especially as we grow.

Investment in Professional Development

In NO SMALL Part, Professional ongoing Training for our teams have been instrumental in this process, without Training (LOTS of it) and the Internal Culture we would not be able to serve you as we need to. We will continue to invest heavily in Professional Development as Business and Technology continues to evolve at dizzying speeds.

Expansion and Growth

As we’ve started the year, we have increased headcount and capacity in supporting teams in addition to our core teams in the West Indies and Canada, as we continue to serve you in 2024.

Our watch words will help guide the team on its mission

C – Connect & Communicate

T – Triage

T – Transform

L – Lead

CTTL Teams Leading the Way

Our dedicated teams at CTTL strive for excellence, supporting clients through challenges like Cyber Attacks, Data Center Cost Reduction, and more. With new partnerships and a commitment to innovation, we’re ready to lead the digital transformation. Here’s to a successful 2024 together!

Keep Well
Donny Mark Ramdathsingh

Acknowledgment of Team

Our Teams, both leadership and Operations I continue to thank endlessly, their willingness to do whatever is required to help our clients achieve their business outcomes is nothing short of amazing…I’ll say it again AMAZING.

Support Offered

Over the last year they’ve continued to heed the call to support clients, any time – Cyber Attacks, Productivity and Collaboration Problems, Data Center Cost Reduction, Commerce Solutions, Marketing, Sales and ERP solutions, Infrastructure readiness, Consultancy and SO MUCH more.

Investment in People and Client Experience

We continue not only to invest in our people, but likewise our client experience, with new Value Enabled Curated Offerings for Clients like our IP-LMS, surround X support, Upcoming 2024 Launch of our new State of Art Technology facility for LIVE Hybrid UPSKILLING, and World Class Immersion, and a host of new Services in 2024, led by Client requests all bounded by a Global third party QA system, we are here every step of the way as we move from Digital Transformation to the DIGITAL IMPERATIVE together.

New Vendor Partnerships

We also are navigating new vendor Partnerships which will be communicated soon.

Personal Reflection and Experience:

From a personal position, this year will make it 29 years in the Industry, (and I’ve seen my fair share of IT and Business), I’ve been so VERY fortunate to work with Incredible work teams and clients all around the world.

Closing and Well Wishes

From all of us at CTTL CORP – Peace, Prosperity and Good Health in 2024 and beyond.