Common Pitfalls in DT:

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Everyone is saying their technology is transforming their operations and enabling new customer success. They are saying that BUT what is REALLY Happening ?

This year they’ll spend nearly $1 trillion PLUS (according to Digital Journal) trying to operate more efficiently, innovate faster, improve the customer experience, and stay ahead of all those QUICK digital upstarts. But nearly three out of four large-scale transformation initiatives won’t actually reach their stated goals, according to McKinsey & Co. 

Could this happen to you ? ….. That’s quite possible.

Here are some issues that may be take your DT efforts off
track :

  1. Digital Transformation Defined
  2. DT vs IT Project ?
  3. TEAM Skills
  4. NO Staff Buy in
  5. Decision Paralysis
  6. BIG Pie vs Small Slice
  7. Completion FLAG

Anything from a lack of vision to a lack of skills can detail
your digital transformation project(s) . Contact CTTL at to ensure you do DT RIGHT !!

By : Donny Mark Ramdathsingh
MSc – Strategic Business and Information Technology UK
Executive Cloud Strategist aka – Donny the Cloud Dude



To see more on how to avoid pitfalls of Digital transformation, check out our video linked below



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