CTTL Achieves International Security Milestone – ISO 27001 Certified

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July 11th 2023 – Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd achieves – ISO 27001

West Indies – Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL), a Leader in Digital Transformation and advanced security, is pleased to announce today their achievement in meeting all the requirements to be recognized as an ISO 27001 certified organization.

“Cybersecurity is key to every business, the objectives of Confidentiality, integrity, and availability, underpin the deep and wide layers of information protection of every company’s digital assets and getting this right is fundamental to business growth.

Our CTTL SECURE Framework simplifies Digital security implementation and ongoing risk management allowing organizations to reduce business risk.”
Nicholas Whiskey
Chief Transformation Officer
“Being ISO 27001 certified demonstrates that CTTL prioritizes data security. We assess, reduce, and remove data security risks (continuously) and adhere to the highest global standards of Information security. Our security culture internally is institutionalized at every level.

This certification supports our Digital Transformation and Advanced Security mission allowing us to support organizations secure their information assets in today’s growing DIGITAL world.”
Arianna Maharaj
Executive Operations Manager
“Security knowledge is now a fundamental ingredient in every business, with the rapid and ongoing changes in security threats and mitigation methods, what you knew before is constantly being challenged. At CTTL in addition to our CTTL SECURE service we also have our CTTL Passport program which maps out the new paths necessary to reduce your risk of cyberattacks and prepares your organization to react and respond to these new threats while embedding a culture of cyber resilience within your company.

Our ISO 27001 Certification supports our Digital Transformation and Advanced Security mission. “
Melissa Soogrim-Mohammed
DIGITAL Transformation and Security Coordinator
“The tremendous work to accomplish this ISO 27001 certification by all staff cannot be understated. It directly supports our vision * To be the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION partner of choice by delivering the best customer experience to the regions we serve.

* The World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 report indicates that cyber-attacks increased 125 % globally, with EVERY indicator predicting continued and increased frequency into the future as we move further into advanced Digital workloads.

CTTL helps organizations understand their Digital estate, optimize costs, and create the business pathways for TRUE Digital transformation end to end. This ISO certification helps us demonstrate to our customers that we provide Information security services that meet rigorous international standards.”
Donny Mark Ramdathsingh

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Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd
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With offices in the Caribbean and North America, our clients include the Commercial and Public Sector. We work with our clients to use their Digital investments in new ways to improve their operations, increase output and reduce costs and risk. See more at www.cttl.net


Arianna Maharaj

About ISO

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international organization made up of national standards bodies that develops and publishes a wide range of industrial, and commercial standards.