How AI and DT are changing jobs

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Khalisha Harripersad
Territory Account Manager 

I was reading an article earlier this week by World Economic Forum about how AI is shaking up the job market, interestingly enough it coincides with Microsoft’s Inspire Core note speech earlier this year which is calling for persons to “skill up” or “move along”

Its no surprise that technology is shaking things up. Each day we see how it advances our everyday life, but what’s going to happen when companies start integrating smarter technology? What’s going to happen to the employees? Are they going to be fired, are their jobs going to be outsourced to companies like us? More than likely YES. People are going to HAVE to get new skills to keep up with growing technologies or they risk not being marketable enough in the future.

According to WEF, Tech jobs like software engineers and data analysts, along with technical skills such as cloud computing, mobile application development, software testing and AI, are on the rise in most industries and across all regions. But a number of highly “automatable” jobs fall into the top 10 most declining occupations – ie, jobs that have seen the largest decreases in share of hiring over the past five years. The impact of AI is not just theoretical any more; it’s very much part of our present. So we took a closer look at how the growing presence of AI skills in the workforce is impacting different industries and job functions globally.

AI skills are among the FASTEST growing skills, yet there are STILL 800 Million Persons needed to FILL the skills gap by 2020.

As YOUR trusted advisor and Territory Account Manager, my mission is to ensure that persons in the Caribbean, MY region are equipped with the skills needed to champion AI and Digital Transformation. The emergence of new cloud and Productivity skills, Data and AI, Information Assurance and Security, it leaves a huge gap on our employ-ability. Help me to help you fix that.

If you want to read more about the WEF article, Click here

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