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Welcome to CTTL PASSPORT, The New Learning Paradigm. We have been the chosen partners for learning and development throughout the Caribbean and North America over the last 22 years. Your Training, Your Way. Instructor-led, LIVE, Remote, Blended Hybrid Learning.

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Building a culture of committed learning.

TECH Intensity is the Future

Embracing a growth mindset can help IT Professionals feel more committed and empowered to put the Organization’s Vision into Practice.

72% of IT managers say that IT certified employees make organizations more innovative.

75% of all professional service employees will require significant continuous reskilling from 2023 onward to keep up with technological advancements.

78% of IT Managers feel that IT Certifications significantly increases productivity.

IT Professionals who achieve Microsoft Role-Based Certifications perform on average 41% better than uncertified colleagues with the same responsibilities.

71% of IT Hiring Managers felt that IT Certification positively impacts the ease of the interviewing process.

Learning is a continuous process where each person and organization has their own unique learning journey.

Let CTTL Illuminate the path to your Professional Goals

Explore any Microsoft or Mile2 path of your choosing

As Microsoft and MILE2 Learning Partners, CTTL offers you top tier updated courses each cycle for you to choose from to advance your IT Career.

Customized Learning Plans for the Entire Company.

Learning & Development applies to every department In an organization in order to achieve maximum levels of productivity and growth. At CTTL, we work with each department to create and provide guidance on the best path forward for each team.

Spend less, by learning more.

In the dynamic world we live in post-Pandemic, we have seen a tremendous uptick in Professional Development, where companies are realizing that its not enough to complete 5-10 courses for the year, but to keep up with the changing world around us, its not a want but a requirement to pursue 10-15 + Courses just to stay cutting edge.

Flexible Schedules

Time is our greatest asset but can sometimes become a stumbling block in our day-to-day lives. At CTTL we understand, and we are here to work with you to ensure you benefit fully from your courses by setting you up on the schedule that’s best suited to you goals.

Benefits of Training

Improved Job Performance

Through Training and Development, employees are upskilled or reskilled, gaining the needed knowledge to enhance their performance. This leads to improved productivity, which not only benefits the individual but also the organization.

Clarity + Confidence

With the right training, employees gain clarity in their job roles as they are now equipped with the tools necessary to execute at a high level. Their jobs become less stressful as they are now mentally equipped to deal with all arising obstacles, this now leads to a significant boost in employee confidence.
Remember the formula: Learning + Knowledge Transfer = Clarity and Confidence

Job Satisfaction and Morale

Job Satisfaction and morale stem from having a high level of confidence in your capabilities to perform your job roles. This is possible with continuous upskilling.

Increased Employee Engagement and Reduced Employee Turnover

Companies that invest in employees are more likely to reap the benefits of employee loyalty as the organization takes an active invested interest in their workforces’ growth and development. This creates a level of commitment between organization and employee which tends to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Improved Organizational Reputation and Revenue

Organizations that invest in training and development are often seen as more attractive places of employment. This can help to attract and retain top talent.

Job Promotion

Employees equipped with the skills needed to execute at a high level are 84% more likely to be selected for internal promotions than unqualified/uncertified colleagues.

Why Choose CTTL?

Benefits of Training

"Donny is an AMAZING instructor, full of information and knows exactly how to transfer knowledge, he has an extraordinary gift of making the difficult seem simple and placing the class in such a way that everyone leaves full of actionable skills.
I highly recommend CTTL for IT upskilling, they are a step above everyone else."
M. Gomez
Public Sector
"The trainer was very informative & professional in deivery of training, he was highly interactive and made the class fun for us, we can defnitely recommend his training to our peers in the field.
St. Kitts Electric Company (SKELEC)