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Let’s Transform Your Business 10

Pandemic - Business Digital TRANSFORMATION Advisory and Change Management

84% of companies fail at transformation. In the COVID-19 era you CANNOT afford to fail.
Business Transformation – starts here!

Staff Digital Training

Everything STARTS with you and your TEAM.


Cloud Business Security

Ensure that your business workload in the cloud is secure. Protect your company against evolving digital threats. CTTL Cloud Secure gives unmatched cloud and hybrid security threat management.

Disaster Preparedness & Response

Disaster planning must encompass disasters of all types and sizes not just IT

Data Center Optimization (Multi-Cloud)

Servers, Storage , Apps and Security, Move to the Cloud or Operate in Hybrid Mode – Drive Operational Costs DOWN !

Enterprise and Remote Office (WFH) Security

We provide threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security. We analyze and investigate incidents, and complete threat detections before security compromises take place.

Workplace Productivity (BPO/R - for COVID-19)

Accelerate Business Productivity and Rapidly Reduce Costs 

Signature Support Services (CTTL MAX)

Digital Transformation CO-MIT Services

Custom Application Development

Rapidly Deployed , 100% Customized to YOU !



Discounted Volume License Desk

Microsoft, Adobe, ESET, Fortinet and MANY more.
Contact us to help Streamline and Reduce your Software Costs.


FINTECH , e-Commerce and Business Apps

Modernize your Financial Systems -  Safely and Easily

New for Micro Small & Medium Sized Businesses ?

Introducing CTTL Small Business Ready.

Tech Support whenever you need us

Ideal for SMB’s with up to 25 Computers

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