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Connect different data sources and create real insights. Build apps for your Business with ease. Design automated workflows between your apps and services.

Empowering innovation with Microsoft Power Platform's low-code solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform

With Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can create and customize all the apps your business requires. Leverage the full potential of the Microsoft Productivity environment, end to end. PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Automate are designed to work together, your entire organization can quickly and easily build custom business apps, automate detailed multistage workflows to improve business productivity, and analyze data for meaningful business insights

Power BI

With Power BI, you can assess data using real-time interactive dashboards and discover connected insights you need to propel business growth.

Power Apps

Use Power Apps to build applications that run online on common mobile devices.

Power Automate

Using Power Automate you can integrate powerful, low /no code workflow automation directly into your applications, which are connected with hundreds of apps and services.

Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful chatbots with Power Virtual Agents.

Data Connectors

Connecting Your Data

AI Builder

Empowering AI Development

Common Data Service

Unified Data Platform

Business Insight, a lOT more than just Power BI

Bring organizational intelligence into your data review and learn from it. With Power BI, Microsoft offers a modern solution for your business intelligence requirements. Power BI can be used to simply connect individual data sources and use the ready-made dashboards or set up a highly complex data warehouse using the same Power BI Platform. Get more from your Power BI.

Access all data

Connect to data of nearly any size and location, whether in the cloud or on-premise. No moving of data is required.

Transform data

Create powerful, detailed data models to transform complex data into simple and actionable insights.

Create interactive reports

Quickly create and share comprehensive, interactive reports to better visualize and analyze your data and interrogate your data.

Provide insights anywhere

Enable users to analyze data and share insights on the web, mobile devices, or with custom applications.

Simplify company reporting

Scale your reporting solution. Deliver Insights to ALL your users with a professional reporting platform.

Business Insight Of Power BI

Power BI is an intuitive yet powerful business analytics platform that provide insight into all areas of your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data preparation, and optimize ad hoc data. Create and publish compelling reports for company wide use over the Web or on mobile devices. Power BI users typically only use 10% of its capabilites.
Let us help you UNLOCK the rest of your data story.

Use all your relevant data sources. Traditional spreadsheets, local data sources, big data, streaming data and cloud services: Wherever your data is, whatever its format, Power BI lets you integrate hundreds of different data sources.

Gain more detailed insights into your data. Bring powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities together in SQL Server and Azure SQL, use Azure Analysis Services with Power BI to transform your complex data into valuable business insights that you can share across your organization.

Power Virtual Agent

Empower your business with Power Virtual Agent, a revolutionary tool that enables you to create intelligent chatbots without any coding. Enhance customer interactions and streamline operations effortlessly.

Easily create your own Digital agents

Create powerful chatbots—to interact with your users and / or customers seamlessly.

Empower virtual agents to take action

Integrate Power Virtual Agents with the products and services you use every day using a wide range of prebuilt connectors, by creating custom workflows using Power Automate, or create more complex scenarios using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Measure performance

Monitor and continuously improve chatbot performance using AI- and data-driven insights available in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Power Apps, Empower everyone to build apps

Customize Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to your business needs with powerful apps that combine productivity and business data. Customize SharePoint Online, use Power Apps with Microsoft Teams, and create apps within Dynamics 365.

Empower Your Team, Build Apps with Power Apps

Building apps with Power Apps enables everyone from business analysts to professional developers to create more effectively. Solve company wide problems with intuitive digital tools that don’t require code, work faster with a platform that enables data integration and rapid distribution. Easily build and share apps on any device.

Power Apps for Digital Transformation

Power Apps enables a diverse range of app scenarios to be created that twin digital transformation into manual and outdated processes. Use model driven apps to create business apps in Power Apps that solve business problems for task- and role-specific scenarios (e.g. audits, support, prospects to cash, and integrated marketing views).

Designing with Power Apps

Start by designing your user experience on the Power Apps canvas. Customize every detail of your app to optimize it for specific tasks and roles. Create apps for each device with a variety of control features such as cameras and location discovery, or start with a sample app that illustrates common business scenarios such as expense reports or site visits.

Effortless App Creation, Power Apps for Any Device

Start with your data model and business processes to automatically create immersive, responsive applications that can run on any device. Use a simple drag and drop designer to customize business units and customize the user interface to specific roles.

Turn repetitive disjointed tasks into multi-step workflows.

Create digital workflows between your business apps and services to receive notifications, approve items, construct data, and perform many other repetitive tasks. Power Automate revolutionizes workflow automation, empowering you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline business processes effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with other Microsoft services, you can boost productivity and focus on what matters most. Simplify approvals, automate notifications, and transform your organization’s efficiency with Power Automate. Power Automate is your gateway to a more efficient and productive workplace.

Easily create automated workflows that connect your favorite apps and services, eliminating tedious manual tasks. From simple notifications to complex business processes, Power Automate can handle it all. Stay organized, save time, and unleash your team’s full potential with Power Automate.

Replace time consuming tasks with automated workflows Power Automate

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