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Digital Transformation starts with HUMAN Transformation

” 84% of companies fail
at transformation “


Ensure your organization gets the BEST opportunity to succeed!

MIT and Deloitte’s global study of digital business found that maturing digital businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their businesses work. Less-mature digital businesses are focused on solving discrete business problems with individual digital technologies.

The power of a digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and objectives. Less digitally mature organizations tend to focus on individual technologies and have strategies that are decidedly operational in focus. Digital strategies in the most mature organizations are developed with an eye on transforming the business.

Maturing digital organizations build skills to realize the strategy. Digitally maturing organizations are four times more likely to provide employees with needed skills than are organizations at lower ends of the spectrum. Consistent with overall findings, the ability to conceptualize how digital technologies can impact the business is a skill lacking in many companies at the early stages of digital maturity.

At CTTL Ltd (CTTL), we advise and guide our clients to see digital transformation from concept to production and beyond, doing so by maximizing value and with minimal disruption to their existing infrastructure. Applying our deep industry solutions and extensive experience with Global Partners, our Team of talented professionals provide a holistic approach to ensure a successful Digital Transformation Journey.

We simplify, modernize and secure the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business while we reshape business models, products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.

“Value is only realized when people
change the way they work

Does your organization have a digital strategy that goes beyond implementing technologies?

Does your company culture foster digital initiatives?

Is your organization confident in its leadership’s digital fluency?

All companies are undergoing digitization or some form of digital transformation right now. What is your company’s Digital Vision? Are you aiming for digital transformation or is your strategy only about digitization? The difference between the two is about TRANSFORMATION:

We can help you divide transformation into manageable pieces.

Our DT Implementation Models drive your Business Success:

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Advice from CTTL:

  1. Digital transformation has to start at the TOP of the company.
  2. The corporate culture is key to transformation.
  3. Understand the full commercial value of your Digital Channels for your Brand
  4. Define clear KPIs that are shared across the organization.
  5. Your digital strategy and your corporate strategy are two sides of the same coin.
  6. Find out as much as you can about your customers.
  7. Recruit talented digital experts and establish clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Understand the digital landscape.
  9. Technology is an Investment for Digital success and not just an extra cost.
  10. Digital transformation = Business Success.

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