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Many potential threats exist today as well from system component failures to large-scale storms and disasters ― and from innocent human errors to the intentional destruction of data by people and who were once trusted employees.

Escape costly repairs and recovery situations.

As you know, virtualization really started gaining traction for server consolidation as a way to save costs. Many of you have likely started IT-sponsored virtualization initiatives and gained good success in virtualizing low hanging fruit, such as infrastructure workloads like file servers, AD, DNS, DHCP, etc. Now you’re probably wondering how you can take your efforts to the next level.

Storage Challenges

Data is growing at a tremendous rate and as a result, businesses need increasing storage to accommodate. Many numbers have been published, and while 40% annually is a good estimate, individual workloads and environments may foster much faster growth.

And as data causes your storage to grow and your management complexity to grow, your data protection needs also grow! These costs tend to scale linearly with storage growth, in fact – the cost of the storage itself is only one aspect of a complete solution. This is amplified by increasing regulation impacting data retention policies, secure data handling, and data protection.

The bottom line is that storage TCO is growing for most organizations – driven by both acquisition and operation costs. In fact, the storage business is growing faster than the server business. While the cost-per-TB falls every year, this potential savings is completely dominated by data growth, and many customers report that storage is their fastest growing datacenter cost.


Cloud-enabled enterprise hosting of virtual server infrastructure. Scale up or down on demand and pay only for what you consume. All easily managed via our client portal


Infrastructure elements for your applications, hosted in the cloud. Traditional web hosting services along with the more modern PaaS offerings (SQL databases, web services, etc)


• Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

• Hosted Microsoft Exchange

• Hosted Microsoft CRM


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