Digital Transformation CO-MIT Services


Stop malicious threats in their tracks

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Never worry about losing your visual data

Cloud Computing

Take productivity to the next level

For many companies, the IT Department is seen as operational only, and while that is accurate
(to a point). The TRULY successful organizations use IT as a Strategic asset as well.

A specialized IT staff (however) adds a significant overhead to the company budget; so often companies 
have generalized IT staff or worse single resource departments. Sadly it is near impossible with the speed
of changing IT platforms and evolving security threats for enterprise IT Departments
to keep up much less generalized IT Teams. 

CTTL CO Managed IT Services (CoMITS) allows companies to BOOST their IT and Business output by
TRULY partnering together , giving the best of both sides as ONE TEAM (CTTL and YOU).
We are NOT your normal MSP, we TWIN with you and work 100% with you and we MEAN IT ,
OUR entire service revolves around YOUR IT TEAM.

IT augmenting keeps your IT DEPT in total control, and day to day activities are
supported by a Specialist Service Team at CTTL.

Imagine the Value to the Company a TURBO CHARGED IT CO Managed TEAM can bring !


Our expert service team at CTTL provides TOTAL support to ensure “People and Processes” are aligned end to end.

From Traditional on premise Infra, DataCenter to modern Cloud, Security , Business Apps, FINTECH, Specialized Development and many more, CTTL (CoMITs) allow you to concentrate on your business while we (your IT Team and ours) drive new Business technology advances with NO RAMP UP TIME. This means your Business will be in front of the competition and remain there by working together using strategic coupled with tactical IT to deliver rapid results.

CTTL provides both onsite and remote services anywhere in the region. We begin with a very specialized Technology Assessment which defines your Digital Blue Print, and then we blend our MAX framework to YOU making the solution 100% customized to your environment. 

Our Approach — TRUSTED BUSINESS ADVISORS using a Modern Collaborative Approach with world class IT Operations Standards.


Good co-managed services has at its core a GREAT relationship between the customer and service provider.  

Our goal, is not to replace your IT Staff, but to work together to make us BOTH successful. We do this by creating a seamless partnership between our IT support team and YOU.  Lets do this together by taking IT to the MAX  – CTTL MAX !

Many companies are faced with the challenge of not only supporting a variety of new applications and services, but also having exhausted in-house IT resources, without the time to develop to expert level in SO MANY applications that are needed to keep the Business competitive. Partnering with CTTL is the simplest way to deliver a cost effective solution and have access to expert IT resources to pair with your in house IT.   

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN with CTTL MAX !

Why do we dedicate this many resources to the care of each client? Is it really necessary to assemble expert support teams that, until now, only benefited the Largest Companies?

The answer is simple: We want to be the best IT services partner for you and will leverage our expertise in a variety of industries and platforms with proven service methodologies to earn and keep your business.

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