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Do you need training for your company? Ensure you team’s skills development over the coming months and save between 20% to 100% with  #CTTLPASSPORT. Whether you know your training plans already, or you want the flexibility to choose courses for your team when it’s needed – you can ensure they’re always trained, certified and back to work READY!


Depending on your up-front commitment, gain access to exclusive corporate rates.

Your team will spend less time out of the office and more time using their new skills

Why SKILLS BASED Learning?

#CTTLPASSPORT secures the benefits of an all-inclusive Directed Learning experience for your team:

  • High-quality training, delivered by expert instructors delivering Training all throughout the Caribbean
  • Extra-hours training days – students stay focused through our lecture, lab, review delivery (even after hours)
  • 24-hour lab access
  • Distraction Free – Learning Environment
  • Courseware – students return prepared with skills to help your company Immediately
  • Complimentary Lunch, unlimited Filtered Water, Coffee and Tea station, Brain Cooler Entertainment etc

Save on Professional Learning for your team

How to develop your team through Skills Based Learning

Whether your staff work in technology, IT security , project management or are End users – Skills Based Learning from CTTL will help you bring in the latest skills quickly.
Whatever skills you’re looking to develop within your team, we can work with you to get it done quick. This can be via our public schedule, closed courses, or custom scheduling.

The process starts with an initial conversation with your CTTL Account Manager. Just tell us what you’re looking to achieve, and we will tell you what skills are needed to do so.
We’ll work within your budget and timelines, and develop the best way to meet your objectives.

What’s your true cost of Professional Training ?

You want your staff in the office, doing what they’re paid to do. One issue with training can be that employees can spend more time away from work than necessary, which comes at a MAJOR cost to the company.
Added to that is the length it takes in Traditional Courses to actually get the participants skilled.

Not with #CTTLPASSPORT. Your employees are out of the office for the minimum amount of time, and you get your staff ready to work on new projects and systems faster.

Roll this out across your team and you’re saving hundreds of hours and thousands of Dollars !!

We work directly with IT and Training managers all over the Caribbean. We help them develop their training strategy, to grow their business quickly with the right staff skills.

Bottom Line :

“Upgrading and improving your Teams skills and knowledge is part of winning and retaining customers for your business.
But like many other businesses time is money so organizations are looking for training that is fast, deeply impactful and makes people more productive.

CTTL training is an all-inclusive immersive experience, that’s deeper and wider than anything on the market.
It quickly gets your employees to a point where they can be productive and earning revenue for your business.

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Terms and conditions

All training days must be taken within six months of the #CTTLPASSPORT agreement being signed
CTTL reserves the right to pre-screen all attendees to ensure that prerequisites are met.

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