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Why NOW is the best time to transform your Skills.

cttl logoWhen you think about the world 5 years from now, what do you see? Robots? automated machines replacing bank tellers? Semi-flying cars? We don’t know what the future holds, but what we do know is that technology is the leading factor in changing the world. 

The world around us is changing, customers are TRANSFORMING and implementing measures that ensure they can survive in a technologically advanced world. But automating machines and programming robots doesn’t come so easy, it takes SKILL. You simply cannot survive in an Artificial Intelligent world if you don’t have intelligent cloud skills. Microsoft and CTTL is constantly working to ensure professionals in the industry are well educated and have the right set of tools to make them marketable anywhere around the world.

The new Role based Roadmap outlines new Azure roles this year. This alone speaks to us – WE NEED MORE TRAINED IT PRO’s 

With companies transitioning to the cloud and moving their datacentres (to the cloud) in part or in full, it is expected that we would have millions of Cloud specialists globally already as that’s clearly needed, but so far there are only about 400 000 CERTIFIED SKILLED cloud professionals in the world.

Therefore  there is a HUGE skills gap which need to be bridged because CEO’s and CFO’s are noticing the value of the cloud but they don’t have the right people on their team to help them get there. The world is no longer looking for just Database Administrators or Systems Admins. The Industry is shifting and needs AI and Cloud Experts, Info-Assurance Admins and MORE !!!

We KNOW that the skills employers need, Not everyone has them (YET) but we can also identify skills for the future – the first step in Addressing the  issue is breaching the skills gap. What is alarming is out of the 400 000 CERTIFIED cloud professionals globally, the Caribbean has contributed nothing really. It leaves us wondering “When are our people going to get the SKILLS to do their JOBS?” There are STILL 800M persons who need to learn new skills by 2020 for their current roles – CTTL’s Mission is to help make this happen.

Companies across the board—even those that are showing significant digital progress—need better ways of learning on and off the job that supports continuous education and allows individuals’ skills
to keep pace with the rapid rate of technological change.” – MIT Survey

This is where CTTL comes in. Not everyone is yet updated on the changes in the industry, which is fine. Intelligent Edge/Intelligent cloud is a massive shift from Digital Transformation, everyone needs different skills. Everyone needs a specific set of skillsets that will distinguish them in the industry. Learn the skills you need to land the career YOU want. YOU are in charge of your learning. Learn YOUR WAY. 

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