COVID-19 – Caribbean

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We work in a world that is hyper connected, many of our friends and family are in different parts of the world. With COVID-19 we share a common concern and it is our duty to help each other.

Some of us work alongside colleagues that are in the epicentre of the situation:

I wanted to share with you one such letter from Lily Zheng who works at Microsoft and Lives in Shanghai

Others like us in the Caribbean are preparing, and some organizations (who can) are ramping up on remote work. We (CTTL) have rolled out our enhanced remote work policy in line to support our staff with pandemic planning.

Working remotely has cut down on staff commute time, and we believe in a time like this with COVID-19, working remotely will increase employees happiness, while reducing anxiety and help our employees keep safer whilst indoors at home. There are many lessons we are learning about this from our Partners and multinational work colleagues as we prepare to face as best we can – COVID-19 in the Caribbean.

Our Main tool for communication and collaboration we’ve deployed is Microsoft Teams. It has been our core platform for remote work. If you haven’t used it before, I urge you to review it and if it seems applicable to you, please pull down the trial and use it.

There is no reason to purchase initially, there is a Trial Microsoft has made available as this is NOT the time to sell
but to help – contact us if you need more information.

It is a difficult time for all the world, and through our support of each other we will make it through.

Please be safe everyone.

Continue to support each other.

Best regards
D.M. Ramdathsingh