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Date: July 17th, 2018

Location: Las Vegas Nevada USA
CTTL Announces: CTTL SECURE — *A more secure Cloud Experience*








CTTL is pleased to announce the launch of our CTTL Secure Cloud Services. Teaming up with ESET, Fortinet, and Microsoft, our Solutions provide advanced protection for Office 365 and Azure environments. In addition to our Pentesting Services, our CTTL Secure Cloud Services add a vital layer of protection for customers in the cloud world.

Our NSA/CNSS Accredited CyberSecurity Team, works directly with you to supply the strength of combined knowledge and Advanced Skills. The ever-expanding cloud, brings evolved threats and compliance hurdles that our Cloud Secure Services help solve. Our Cloud Solutions put security control back into the hands of you the customer.

ESET Security for Azure, protects your data and mitigates against threats including, viruses
rootkits, worms and spyware with optional cloud-powered scanning for even better performance and detection. New detection technology that strengthens protection against targeted attacks and previously unknown exploits – i.e. zero-day attacks.

Advanced Memory Scanner – Monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them once they decloak, allowing for effective infection prevention, even from heavily obfuscated malware.

Fortinet on Azure gives you the same powerful security controls on-premise and more.

More and more enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure to extend internal data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. While Azure secures the infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting everything you put in it. Fortinet virtual appliances offer comprehensive security for your Azure workloads including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security.

Microsoft EMS and CTTL, Azure Security services and OMS, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a cloud-based offering from Microsoft which combines valuable standalone solutions in a highly discounted suite, licensed on a per user base. EMS integrates Identity and Access Management, Mobile Application and Mobile Device Management solutions with security solutions for information protection and threat management. In a modern workspace where mobility and Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios gain increasing significance, Enterprise Mobility + Security can help IT administrators meet the challenges that exist between the best possible user experience and productivity and a high level of security, data protection and risk management.

Azure Security Offers Unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads and Microsoft OMS allows you to gain visibility and control across your hybrid cloud with simplified security and operations management

CTTL plans, configures and deploy Azure Security, EMS and OMS to exact customer requirements, beyond the traditional basic deployment scenarios. 

Our Unique approach of creating a cloud mesh fabric and by using actual Pentesters to configure and deploy your Secure Solutions gives our customers much needed peace of mind knowing that the platform is configured right the FIRST time. Our Top Tier support is always a phone call or email away.

Our Managed Services are 100% hosted in the Cloud allowing customers to gain valuable insights and control. CTTL Managed Services since 2001.

For More information about CTTL Secure Cloud Services and other Security offerings, like GDPR readiness, Penetration testing, Open Security Assessments, Advanced Threat Management, end to end Fabric Protection and more please contact us below :

+1868-332-2885 or sales@cttl.net