3 Tips to Improve Your Security Posture

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October 12th 2018
Donny Mark Ramdathsingh
Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
Chief Cloud Architect CTTL

Is it possible to give employees the mobility and productivity they need while protecting your data?
Some ideas to improve your security position

Weakest links are sometimes employees, whether by accidentally leaking sensitive data or exposing their credentials to unsafe places. An attacker could use those credentials to access the network and steal customer information, intellectual property and other sensitive data. How do you ensure control of the what, the when, the where and the who of application access? – Look into an Identity and Access Modern Solution :

Anytime mobile devices are stolen, lost or simply left unattended—your data is left vulnerable and under-protected. It’s also vulnerable when your corporate data leaks into personal applications and can get into the wrong hands. In this age of BYOD, how do you help protect your data without compromising employee productivity? – Look into a Mobile Security Solution :

Allowing employees to use their own devices increases the risk of accidental data leaks through apps and services like email, social media and the cloud. These are outside of your control. For example, an employee might send the latest engineering pictures from their personal email account, copy and paste information into social media .You want to allow personal devices, but without compromising the security of your data. How can you do both? – Look into Enterprise Data Protection.

Malware infections can often be traced back to user error. Phishing and spoofing schemes have become extremely sophisticated, tricking users with fake emails from trusted brands, luring them in with fake news stories and convincing them to download innocuous-seeming apps that contain hidden attacks. You can’t stop users from surfing the web, using social media or accessing personal email on their own devices. How can you help them do these everyday tasks more safely?

Education is your first line of defense.

• Ask employees to read basic guidance and/or complete training that details common methods of malware attack.
• Double check URLs in email to make sure they seem relevant, accurate and legitimate.
• Suggest that workers limit their app usage to those downloaded from a reputable source.

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