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Digital Skills are NOW Essential




Nicholas Whiskey – MBA
Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)
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In 2017, SAP brought to the forefront a report on how digital Transformation efforts around the world were progressing. Over 17 Countries were surveyed and feedback reviewed to analyze the differences between companies carrying out successful Transformation projects vs the ones lagging behind.

Firstly, successful companies viewed Digital Transformation as a Business Project and NOT a Technology project. Over 95% of the Best Digital Leaders saw the shift to Digital Transformation as CRITICAL to current operations and essential to keep their companies moving ahead.
The next 24 months will separate the digital winners from the ones who will be left behind.

A review from MIT stated “This year’s study shows that executives across industries and around the world are investing in the digital maturity of their organizations.”  Digital Maturing Organizations are developing Key capabilities at both the leadership and operating levels that creates the environment to support the changing needs of their customers. “Education can no longer be viewed through the traditional lens that implies learning only happens in a formal classroom or training setting,” – Learning has evolved and is essential to the lifeblood or an organization, it is not an optional item.

“Companies across the board—even those that are showing significant digital progress—need better ways of learning on and off the job that supports continuous education and allows individuals’ skills
to keep pace with the rapid rate of technological change.”

Digital technology has transformed the landscape of client relationships, processes, sales and more, in such a fundamental way that it impacts every part of your company. Managing your transition to a mature DT business model isn’t just critical to beating competitors, it’s crucial to company survival.

While an organization, as a whole, benefits from digital transformation, certain teams will see quicker benefits to their daily job tasks. They fall into four units: Business Executives,  IT , BPO’s, and end-users. Despite the differences in responsibilities, they all benefit greatly from Digital Transformation almost immediately.


Top three points to think about re DT :

Digital Competition – Long established existing Models are being disrupted by Digital *start-ups*

Speed of Change – Pace of Digital Change is requiring companies to deploy different models and solutions much quicker than before.

Customer Reality – Customer Expectations have changed, and expect better customer interactions across all touchpoints.

Whether your organization is looking to digital transformation because of inefficient operations, competition, or the drive to modernize, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to choose the RIGHT strategy, as
EACH company is unique. From amazing business insights to increased worker productivity, there are many exciting opportunities awaiting your company, through Digital TRANSFORMATION.

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