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October 14th 2021
Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) –
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As organizations continue to shift their operations to the cloud, the security of data becomes a top priority. Cloud security/ cloud computing security refers to the discipline, policies, controls, services, procedures, and technologies that are put in place to ensure privacy and safekeeping of data and operations on the cloud infrastructure.  Cloud security has changed the conventional approach and perspective towards cyber security which we relied upon before the age of cloud computing, including the roles and responsibilities of CIOs and General Managers.

Previously, the CIOs were basically responsible for the collection, organizing, and reporting of the data of the company/organization. However, in the age of cloud computing, data has become a business enabler and is a key element for business growth. Having that, CIOs are now less directly involved with data management than before, and this responsibility has been mandated to the data officers.  Nonetheless, the CIOs are now mandated with the roles of provisioning and expanding secure multi-cloud strategies whilst considering the integration of services and costs. This shows that CIOs and General managers alike will require to develop and improve their managerial and strategic skills to allow them to provide secure cloud computing solutions. Organizations  increasingly rely on CIOs to implement secure and beneficial solutions that drive digital transformations as demand for cloud-based solutions continues to surge. More flexibility and agility are needed for the General managers overseeing the efficiency and revenue generation for the company operations, as well as for the CIOs in charge of providing efficient and secure cloud solutions.


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