Mobile Platform Update for Microsoft Learning

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By: Arianna Mohammed
Operations Manager – CTTL

October 16th, 2018

Hello, our beloved clients! We have some exciting news for you today.

Skillpipe has now been optimized for mobile web browsers and fully supports accessing Microsoft exclusive secured digital training materials via web browsers on smartphones or tablets, giving students a learning experience that is similar to the Skillpipe on a computer thereby allowing you to have easier learning portability.

This enhancement gives students a greater level of access to training content with nothing more than their mobile browser. Students can work and study using Skillpipe on the latest versions of the following mobile browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Skillpipe is a cloud based Digital Reader designed for reading proprietary exclusive Microsoft training content. Due to intellectual property restrictions, the digital content that is compatible with Skillpipe is only available via a secure website to authorized customers. If you have been instructed to download Skillpipe, congratulations! You are about to experience the Skillpipe application that will support online and offline reading, allowing you to access your training content anytime and anywhere. The goal of the Skillpipe reader is to harness the power of collaborative Learning . Skillpipe enables you to learn in an interactive and connected way.

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