Integration of Power Platform

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CTTL integrated Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate to Develop a Health & Safety App for a prominent client in the beverage sector.

The Challenge

  • The manual process of creating safety reports was time consuming.
  • It was difficult to monitor safety reports and follow through until completion.
  • Data extraction for management reports was convoluted.

The Strategy

  • Development of a platform where safety reports could be easily generated and monitored.
  • Identification of reporter and safety officer assigned. Creation of corrective actions where a threat was identified. Utilization of workflows to ensure process was efficiently executed.
  • Ability to extract data to generate management reports which can be utilized for intuitive planning.
  • Ease of migration from legacy database.

The Outcome

  • Enabled users to establish a safety report if they notice a potential threat or discrepancy in the environment. The safety report is then routed to the HSE department who assigns corrective actions and follows through until completion
  • Productivity and accountability increased, as it was now easier to track safety reports as well as identify the personnel involved.