Microsoft Launches NEW Role-Based Certifications – READY FOR 2019

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Last year Microsoft announced a MAJOR change to its certification process. If you can remember not long ago, we could have looked up a technology and then pair it with a certification to match it.

It’s been a bad idea, Customers and peers have been lobbying to get that changed for a LONG TIME.
Its GREAT to know Microsoft has listened to all of us …… and we’ve finally have gotten what they term *ROLE BASED CERTIFICATIONS* –  at the Core of it all,  Microsoft moves from focusing on product knowledge alone to now a skills based approach based on specific Job Roles.

BRAVO Microsoft !!!!!!!!!!!!! – We’ve been saying this for how many years again ?? ? ?
Who hasn’t met someone who is certified and knows the products but then can’t use that knowledge in key Job Tasks? Yes I can see everyone nodding in agreement ?, and to be clear this is not a Microsoft thing it’s an industry Problem…….. You have to give Kudos to Microsoft for tackling this problem head on.

So the announcement follows on with the news that Microsoft Cloud Based Roles certs with Azure and Office 365 come out first with their certification and exams and accompanying that Microsoft is retiring a number of old Azure and Office 365 Exams If you’re in the middle of the process you can keep proceeding pending the exam retirement date or stop training for the old exams and start preparing for the new replacement exams.

BOTTOM LINE :As Cloud Skills Continue to Dominate the Industry and nearly every company investing in some sort of cloud Service, the old skills and certs are not relevant anymore due in a major part to the ever evolving cloud. If you look at any job post for IT you usually see a certification requirement accompanying it.

Its always been difficult for IT managers to hire IT employees solely based on certifications, as there was never a way to match if the certification aligns to the Job role. This new Microsoft approach aims to change that giving both IT managers a new gauge to measure employee capabilities and IT pros a clearer view of knowledge required beyond the product alone but the role expectations itself.

These new certifications demonstrate skills required for Job Tasks and that’s a BIG DEAL !!

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Arianna Mohammed
Exec Operations Manager
CTTL West Indies