Standardization of Mid-Year Review Process by Integrating Power Apps & SharePoint

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CTTL assisted a conglomerate in the standardization of their mid-year review process through development using PowerApps in conjunction with SharePoint.

The Challenge

  • The mid-year review process was manually executed throughout a myriad of companies for hundreds of employees.
  • Mandatory fields were often omitted in the process which then had to be re-routed back to the relevant personnel.
  • Not only was the process time-consuming it was also difficult to track for all employees across the conglomerate.

The Strategy

  • Develop an application which employees and managers can easily access and utilize to fulfil their mid-year review
  • Insert mandatory fields where necessary
  • Develop a workflow to ensure systemic efficiency.

The Outcome

  • Development of a user-friendly application which automated the mid-year review process among all companies.
  • Generation of management reports from employee and manager reviews.