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CTTL Chronicles #2

So where do we start ? ?– Late Last Year , Microsoft Announced a MAJOR change
in its Learning and Readiness Program with the Introduction of NEW ROLE BASED Certifications.  

The PUNCH LINE: Microsoft moves from Product Knowledge to PRACTICAL Skills based on specific Job Roles :

Let’s get FIRSTLY Out of the way, that the Industry has been asking for this for YEARS.
IT Managers, Employers, HR Managers, other IT Pro’s etc have been plagued by *PAPER TIGERS*. Which are folks who have every type of certification under the sun but can’t apply any REAL skills.  I am sure everyone reading this knows at least one *Paper Tiger* ☹

We’ve known for a LONG time that there is a major disconnect between Certification and Job Skills.  Hats off to Microsoft for doing something about this and introducing Role Based Paths.

These certifications won’t just show product knowledge; they’ll show employers and peers you’re prepared for the Job Role. Please see the Following Recording for more information

By : Donny Mark Ramdathsingh
MSc – Strategic Business and Information Technology UK
Executive Cloud Strategist aka – Donny the Cloud Dude