Why Microsoft On Demand?

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Khalisha Harripersad
Territory Account Manager
Trusted Adviser – Microsoft Learning

What Makes Microsoft On demand learning different from ANY OTHER online training platform? Well, for one, it was designed by Microsoft for Microsoft Customers

You won’t trust just any doctor  for your health needs right ? you ALWAYS want to make sure the Doctor is the BEST one for you !!!  Then why would you trust any regular online learning vs Authorized Official learning?
and IF YOU SAID COST – I have a SURPRISE for you !! , we have the BEST prices for OFFICIAL COURSES !!!!!

It’s not just videos and labs, it’s videos and labs that are FUN. It’s built for YOU, to learn and test out your skills with the actual technology created by the MAKERS of the Software.

So why are you doing it with your Education ? Your future?

Microsoft On Demand Learning was built for the IT professional or aspiring IT Pro,  with no time, limited resources and a tight budget.
Microsoft has recognized that many people, like yourself aren’t getting the skills you need for the jobs of tomorrow. This was built for you, so you can FILL the skills gap you keep hearing about .

Whilst the benefits of attending a traditional instructor led classroom training course remain very evident – OFFICIAL online training provides an alternative learning solution for someone who is unable to attend a 9am-5pm classroom event
and/or who needs the flexibility to learn when and where they want to.  And the best thing? YOU get a MICROSOFT CERTIFICATE when you’re done from MICROSOFT. How cool is that (INSTANT BRAGGING RIGHTS and MAJOR WIN)

Microsoft  On-Demand follows the trend of providing a convenient alternative to traditional instructor-led classroom courses, combining high-quality video, reading, live hands-on labs and knowledge checks in a self-paced format to help you build skills on Microsoft technologies as YOUR schedules allows – all at once or five minutes at a time.


Another Cool thing, you can do this right on your mobile as well ? How cool is that, call us to learn more !!


BEST OF ALL – It’s available to ANYONE – Allowing everyone to get the skills or bypass others who are not *Upgrading themselves with new TECH skills* !

Don’t put it off anymore —- If you don’t invest in yourself – NO ONE WILL !!

Stop making excuses. The time is NOW. Sign up TODAY.

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